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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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In Marlborough through Sunday and Andover after for a while. <3

Name: Rebecca Parkins
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: In a Relationship
Location: Washington, United States
Member Since: Aug 11, 2015
Last Login: Oct 15, 2015

About Me

Derp, im Rebecca.

From good 'ol rainy Washington state!

im random and kinda weird, but pretty cool once you get to know me.

I like cats.

Video games are life.
-Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
-Mortal Kombat.
-And more!
(My Steam profile is in my links, along with my Tumblr and Facebook!)

im a huge Marvel fan too, and I will forever love Tom Hiddleston (and his Loki).

Vic Fuentes and I share a birthday, be jealous! February 10th, yo.

im a Magic the Gathering nerd, running a Grixis commander right now.
(Grixis is red/blue/black for those curious.)

Music is so important to me.

I used to play Pokémon a ton, but recently sold all my games. Still upset about it.


Anyway, im eighteen and I love meeting new people so don't be afraid to hit me up. Ask me anything.


"And I can feel the pull begin;
I feel my conscience wearing thin.
And my skin,
It will start to break up and fall apart."
-twenty one pilots : "Fall Away"


Alright, im bored. Enjoy this chart thingy.

Name :Rebecca
Nick Name :Bex (only one person is allowed to call me this though)
Birthdate :February 10th
Birthplace :Kirkland, Washington
Current Location :Kent, Washington
Eye Color :Blue/grey/green
Hair Color :im a blonde, but it changes regularly
Height :5' 4"ish
Weight :x
Piercings :Lip
Tattoos :None yet
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :#singleasfuck
Vehicle :None yet
Overused Phrase :"Shut up" "Bruh" "kms/ffs/jfc" "I'll fight you"
Food :Sushi
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :Anything (except Mexican and Indian food)
Candy :Heath Bars and Twix
Number :13, 17, 42, 69
Color :Purple (rainbow!)
Animal :Cats, dogs, ferrets, wolves, pandas, red pandas
Drink :Arizona teas and Monsters
Body Part on Opposite sex :Face/hair
Perfume :Whatever smells nice to me
TV Show :Agents of SHIELD
Music Album :"Good Apollo, im Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness" by Coheed and Cambria
Movie :Anything Marvel!
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Dr. Pepper
McDonalds or BurgerKing :BurgerKing tastes like booty
Chocolate or VanillaBoth
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Coffee
Kiss or Hug :Both
Dog or Cat :Cats
Rap or Punk :Punk
Summer or Winter :Winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :Definitely not scary!
Love or Money :Love
Bedtime :Whatever time I can force myself to sleep
Most Missed Memory :Too many
Best phyiscal feature :Hair
Ambition :True love
Best Friends :Just 1
Fears :Heights, open ocean (not seeing land), planes, car crashes, spiders, clowns
Longest relationship :Nine months
Cheated Your Partner :Yes, and I regret it more than anything
Ever been beaten up :No
Ever beaten someone up :Nope, pacifist
Ever Shoplifted :When I was younger
Ever Skinny Dipped :Yes
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :Yesss
Been Dumped Lately :Yeaahh
Favorite Eye Color :Doesn't matter
Favorite Hair Color :Doesn't matter
Short or Long :Long on guys, shorter on girls
Height :Doesn't matter
Style :Anything
Looks or Personality :Both
Hot or CuteDepends
Muscular or Really Skinny :Not super muscular or really skinny
What country do you want to Visit :Europe as a whole; going to England in September
How do you want to Die :I dunno how I want to die, peacefully probs; I want a funeral like Norse warriors - launched out to sea and set aflame by arrows
Been to the Mall Lately :Yess
Get along with your Parents :Sometimes
Health Freak :Nahh
Do you think your Attractive :Definitely not hahahah
Believe in Yourself :Nooooope
Want to go to College :Not really
Do you Smoke :Smoke what?
Do you Drink :On occasion
Shower Daily :Yes?
Been in Love :kms
Do you Sing :Nope
Want to get Married :It could be a possibility
Do you want Children :Yes & no - they're gross but with the right person maybe
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :Lost it young
Hate anyone :Yes oops

Favourite Music

Pierce the Veil; All Time Low; Allison Weiss; Anamanaguchi, Blue Stahli; Architects; Avatar; Beartooth; I Am Ghost; Celldweller; We The Kings; Hands Like Houses; Of Mice & Men; Panic! At the Disco; Set It Off; Marianas Trench; Chiodos; Isles & Glaciers; In Fear And Faith; Circa Survive; Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows; Coheed and Cambria; Eskimo Callboy; Framing Hanley; Get Scared; twenty one pilots; Ghost Town; Icarus The Owl; Issues; Sworn In; The Sound of Animals Fighting; Slaves; S3RL; Rise Against; Pink Floyd; New Medicine; In This Moment; I See Stars; The Head and the Heart; Closure in Moscow; Alesana

+ whatever else I feel like listening to.
(Bold = current band obsessions; red = seen live)
-I've been to Washington's Warped Tour 2012 and Warped 2013.
-Escape the Fate, Drive A, Motionless in White, Get Scared, Alesana
-Ghost Town, Marianas Trench, Air Dubai (didn't care for them)
-We The Audience (a local band)

Favourite Films & TV

MOVIES - The Avengers; Captain America; The Fault in Our Stars; Antman; Guardians of the Galaxy; Despicable Me; Donnie Darko; Shutter Island; Napoleon Dynamite; Finding Nemo; Up; Insidious; Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit; X-Men; Underworld; Iron Man; Big Hero 6; Thor; The Lion King; How to Train Your Dragon; Spirited Away

TV - Agents of SHIELD; Game of Thrones; NCIS; Attack on Titan; Doctor Who

Favourite Books

If you're really curious, just ask! I read a lot of everything~

Education / Occupation

Eight different schools in twelve years!

Who I'd Like To Meet

Band members, internet friends.

My Links


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