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Emo lyricswhen you go just know that i will remember you, if living was the hardest part we'll then one day be together. and in the end we'll fall apart just as the leaves change in colour!Emo song lyrics
(my chemical romance - it's not a fashion statement it's a deat)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - xX_ELIJAH_SKYZ_Xx

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blood and guts all over my man tiddies

Name: Eli Skiso
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Broken Hearted
Location: Texas, United States
Member Since: Dec 05, 2019
Last Login: Oct 28, 2020

About Me

Heya! I’m Elijah, but call me Eli for short ^_^ Welcome to my page I guess!

18//Agender [they/them]//Texas 

Bi, recently went through a shitty breakup :,( Likes: -comics!! -singing -art and doodling -writing poetry and stuff and things -collecting stuff! Message me to talk sometime! 

Name :                                             ELII
Birthdate :                                        10/12
Birthplace :                                      Louisiana
Current Location :                           Kitchen doing moar hm blahh
Eye Color :                                      Light green!!!
Hair Color :                                     Black/dark burgundy
Height :                                            5'3
Weight :                                           120
Piercings :                                        Yess- Ear gauges, my smiley and my septum ^-^
Tatoos :                                            One on my ankle (MCR reference >:3) and one on my back ([Z?]from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :                      Noope
Vehicle :                                           2002 Silver Acura TL!
Overused Phrase :                            WHACK
Food :                                               Pizzaaaaa/ sushi
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :                      Idekkk
Number :                                          27!!!
Color :                                             Black, green and mint green!!! and red
This or That 
Pepsi or Coke :                                COKE FTWWW
Chocolate or Vanilla                       Vanilla :pp
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :               Hot chocolate coffee >:^D
Kiss or Hug :                                   YES
Dog or Cat :                                     CATzzzz
Rap or Punk :                                    Punk
Summer or Winter :                         Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :    Scary c:
Love or Money :                              Love
Bedtime:                                          WHEN EVER THE FUCK I FALL ASLEEP
Most Missed Memory :                    First kiss
Best phyiscal feature :                   Back muscles??
First Thought Waking Up:               Where my bae at
Cheated Your Partner:                   No
Ever been beaten up:                     Yes ;-;
Ever beaten someone up:              nooooo
Ever Shoplifted                              Yepp
Ever Skinny Dipped:                       yes many times
Been Dumped Lately:                     yep yep yep, last night :^) (5/9/'20)
Favorite eye Color:                         Blue/light green?
Favorite Hair Color:                        Black w/ crazy color highlights
Short or Long:                                 Long on boys, short on girlsss!
Height:                                            Doesnt matter cuz everyone's taller then me :(
Style:                                               Alternativeeee
Looks or Personality:                      Personality
Hot or Cute                                      dosent matter as long as there nice :)
Muscular or Really Skinny:             Skinny but toned, u know? ;3
Been to the Mall Lately:                  No
Get along with your Parents:          Not really
Health Freak:                                  Naw
Do you think your Attractive:         Kinda
Believe in Yourself:                        eh
Want to go to College:                    No
Do you Smoke:                                Yes
Do you Drink:                                  Yes
Shower Daily:                                  Yes
Been in Love:                                  Yes
Do you Sing:                                    Yes
Want to get Married:                       yes
Do you want Children:                     No
age you wanna lose your Virginity:ALREADY DID LOLZORRRRR
Hate anyone:  yeahhh                     

Favourite Music

Metalcore, Alien/Mathcore, EDM, Pop punk, Hard punk, Crust punk (bc I'm gross), Industrial, Dance metal, Rock, Alt metal, Nu metal, Post-hardcore, Emocore, Crunkcore (Please don't stab me we stan Millionaires)

Favourite Films & TV

Favourite Books

Snot Girl, The Motherless Oven, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, most Batman comics

Education / Occupation

High school grad basically tomorrow (5/9/'20)

Who I'd Like To Meet

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