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So sleep alone tonight with no one here just by your side. Sleep alone tonight. Three Cheers For Five Years, by Mayday Parade

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POC in Alternative subcultures Oct 17 2016, 07:40 PM
"shout out to all the colored girls + guys into punk rock, hard rock, pop punk, emo, or screamo who get made fun of for “listening to white music.” shout out to all the colored girls who wanna dye their hair bright colors but are afraid to because when colored girls do it it’s “ghetto” but when white girls do it it’s “punk” and “edgy.” shout out to all colored people who are afraid to play their music around other people because people will demean them and say they’re “not really black/colored.” shout out to all the christian alternative music listeners who constantly get told that their music is “devil worshipping” music. shout out to all the colored people who are never confident enough to wear band tees because they’ll get made fun of. shout out to all the colored people who get told they have to listen to rap or the aren’t “really black/colored.” shout out to all the colored people who don’t like rap and hip hop, but pretend to anyways because they don’t want to feel excluded from the colored community shout out to all the colored people who are trying so so hard to fit in and feel comfortable on the alternative scene. You belong." I just thought I should share that here, why? Because it's really inspiring for me since it describes what I deal with on top of the general opposition against the emo subculture. It's mostly society that will call me different names, like "ghetto" for wanting my hair to be a different color along with my eyes (eye contacts), there's still this joke of calling black girls with green eye contacts an "Xbox". That, plus, liking the clothing and music I like while being Christian is a bit tough, but, it's mostly inner fights with myself. My relatives generally think that alternative cultures are for "angsty white kids going through a rebellious phase" and that the music is depressing and for atheists, and since I've been hearing stuff like that for years, I started to believe it and I don't have much confidence in being an Øutcast. I love the clothes and makeup and stuff (although I refuse to straighten, bleach, and dye my hair much because I love it naturally) so, I decided I would fake confidence in myself and try modeling for darker subcultures, then maybe I can inspire someone like me into being more confident in who they are. ...I have no clue where I was going with this XD oops.


Emo Pictures - PurpleFire
Posts: 288
Oct 17 2016, 07:46 PM
Absolutely. But, for any Asian folks, there is an Asian subculture, mainly Japanese, which is like a mix between Goth, Emo and Punk. It's called Visual Kei. I'd suggest checking that out, and if you feel like that's you, you're welcome. Just a suggestion for anyone who is Asian (doesn't mean you need to be Asian, Visual Kei is actually for anybody, but is mainly Asian.)
Posts: 46
Oct 17 2016, 08:54 PM
I love punk visual kei, it's just that it's too elaborate of a style for me and I'd need outfits already put together by someone who understands fashion XD
Emo Pictures - hiding_in_the_dark
Posts: 313
Oct 19 2016, 09:39 PM
Visual kei would be great if i had money
Posts: 5
Oct 09 2017, 02:34 AM
I know about this too well =.= I'm black and puertorican and I always get made fun of for everything in this post.I hear this all the time
Emo Pictures - RebelAngst
Posts: 15
Oct 27 2017, 09:41 AM
I'm Eurasian and my Indonesian family hates me because I'm really pale and I wear dark makeup, they think I'm satanic
Posts: 548
Feb 21 2018, 10:25 PM
Gosh I relate to this because I’m Mexican and when I first started wearing emo/goth clothing my parents were afraid of me being made fun of at school or even that I was going to just become a run away or something. Being Latina, my family is always looking at me weird and saying that the way I dress is too revealing or too dark for someone like me. Especially when I started to dabble in dark makeup and accessories. >~<
Posts: 1
Mar 04 2023, 08:48 AM

I also love fashion and I just want to advise you to confidently show your fashion style, not to pay attention to the opinions of others.

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