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You may be all by your self but your never alone Let the bodies hit the floor, by Drowning pool

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20,000 Leagues Apr 02 2022, 02:25 PM

Heres a poem I wrote a while back

Have you ever read Jules Vern?

I feel like I'm trapped 20,000 leagues below,

The pressure is suffocating


I see the inky black tendrils rising from the depths. 

Coming to drag me further down.

Will this metal tube masquerading as a ship keep me alive for another day?

Or will it crumple in and shatter my bones

Leaving me as waste at the bottom of the sea

Pop, pop, pop.

I see the rivets busting and breaking

The vessel begins to leak

Will I be able to fix it in time?

Will these angry currents swollow me whole?

Will I drown in the sad, solemn, depths, of this murky blue water? 

I see no life jacket.

Pop. Pop.

Would it even help?

Am I too far down, too far gone?

Maybe I should just give up and let the sea take me. 

Is there a point?

Can you even fight to stay afloat,

when you are submerged so far beneath the surface?

I miss the sunlight on my face.

All I feel is the cold unforgiven steel.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

I miss the sounds of birds and beaches

All I hear is machines whirring, never ceasing, never slowing. 

They drive me insane

This inane clattering and chattering of unhinged engines. 


Fighting themselves in hopes of going any direction at all. 

The mirrors play tricks on me.

I look into them but don't see myself.

Just some waterlogged, undead creature,

wearing my skin and holding a sick, twisted facade of my face. 


I feel as if I could just rip this hull and let it all end

But what would become of the others?

The ones relying on my vessel to reach its destination. 

Should I even care?

After all. This is my vessel, and I am the captain.

Should I not be the one who chooses if it goes down and I with it?

I am unsure, as I am with many things these days. 

The sea sickness has left me bed ridden.

The darkness rendering me blind and furious. 

I suppose I shall sit here a while longer.

Deciding what to do.

20,000 leagues under the sea. 



Sep 12 2022, 11:30 AM

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