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There is no hope for tomorrow we are the brain washed generation hell above, by Pierce The Veil

Emo Forums » Love And Relationships (Reply)

Emo Pictures - Vane_Skellington
Posts: 5
Anyone wanna talk? May 22 2022, 04:48 AM
Do you want to talk to me about being 22 years old and feeling that you are going to fail, that in everything you do there will be someone better? 


Emo Pictures - Sailorbloodmoon
Posts: 11
May 22 2022, 06:43 PM

Sure your gonna feel that way I’m 24 now and I don’t feel that way anymore I did for a while I felt jealous that other emo boys seemed to have so many more friends and get so much attention that I felt like I didn’t matter for so long and also with streaming like I wanna be a streamer but I was constantly living in the shadow of my ex who is doing so well on there but rn I’m pretty happy cuz the things I want to accomplish are gonna happen cuz I’ll make them happen u know u your gonna run into people u think are better or will beat you to what your gonna do but at the end of it the only thing that should matter is how much fun your having and that you have someone to share that with … that’s all I got I hope that helped some how 

Emo Pictures - Vane_Skellington
Posts: 5
Jun 03 2022, 12:56 PM

sknowing that someone felt like me and now that person is okay with it gives me hope. You described what I'm going through right now, I feel a bit jealous that my friend gets more attention than me, everyone cares about her you show me I have to deal with everything by myself. but thanks, Your words cheered me up a bit. 

Posts: 22
Jun 16 2022, 08:42 PM

same and that happiness is only temporary n ppl just always go out of ur life when u most need them

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