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Emo Pictures - DimaD
Posts: 3
Help to do a logo! Apr 03 2023, 07:16 PM

I want to do a logo for my project, but I don't know how and how much it costs?!


Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Posts: 18238
Apr 04 2023, 09:34 AM

I'd recommend going to https://www.fiverr.com/ and getting it done by someone there.

Emo Pictures - xxx_Deadinside_xxx
Posts: 3
Apr 05 2023, 08:33 AM

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what the approximate cost of the logo is. It all depends on the design and complexity of the work. But you can also make your own logo using the Internet sites. These are sites with logo creator, where you can quickly and efficiently design your logo!

Emo Pictures - _VladEmo_
Posts: 2
Apr 05 2023, 10:10 AM

I agree with the author above! I myself have done this many times already.

Emo Pictures - wurdalak
Posts: 81
Apr 09 2023, 03:18 AM

HMU bro, I do logos. 

Just DM me what you want and we can decide on the final product :) 

Emo Pictures - xx-AngelSlayer-xx
Posts: 25
Oct 25 2023, 01:09 PM

As an artist, getting a logo designed professionally will cost way more than you probably think. Like, whatever you think it would cost, double or triple that. You can look for smaller/beginner artists to do them for a reasonable price. I could do you a logo for €10 or less, but I'm not very good at that stuff, I'm a character designer not a graphic designer, although graphic design is part of my actual job so I can't be that bad. XD I recommend looking for artists taking commissions online on places like instagram, twitter, tumblr and especially deviantart. deviantart literally has a whole forum for jobs for artists, make a post there and people of all price ranges will flock to you. I can also recommend some good artists I've commissioned before and know they're legit.

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