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Name: Mina Zembrodt
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: It's Complicated
Location: Hickville, Kentucky, United States
Member Since: Feb 10, 2013
Last Login: Sep 01, 2013

About Me

Hiya. Well, I guess I should tell you about myself. I'm very loud, and can be a bitch. I do like talking to people, but I won't talk to someone that treats me like shit or doesn't accept me for who I am as a person. People judge by looks where I come from, and if I don't look like them, then they relentlessly call me names. They do this to anyone and everyone, including my friends. From where I'm from, there is not a single person that looks beyond the surface and sees within. Me, I can't see past the surface. I love an amazing personality, but let's not bullshit. We can't look into someone's eyes and see their soul. All we can see is ourselves in their eyes. Looks lure you in, and you have to decide whether to look a little closer, or to just look away. 

I'm young, but people say I'm very mature for my age. Personally, I know that I'm immature, but  I can be serious when I want to be. I can be anything I want to be- cute, shy, loud, or moody. It all depends on the person I talk to. Honestly, I enjoy talking to people, but I don't want to be rude. I don't talk first, so don't expect me to be straight forward. I like people to talk to me first, to see if I'm worth anyone's time. Most of the time, no one really talks to me- unless its my friends, of course. I'm the loud one, so they expect me to talk to them first. But, shockingly, I used to be the quiet one. As a kid, well, let's just say it was worse than it was now. 

Everyone is different, and I accept everyone. I support those that are gay, I encourage relationships, and I do all I can to help someone out. I'm the person that would stand by your side and defend you as best as I could. I'm also very sensitive - though I try not to show it - but I've built up some walls. I can be affected by some things, but other things just don't touch me. I am truly honest about anything that someone asks me, but I can lie. I'm also a heavy thinker- I over think everything. I can admit to this because I see it in my writing and my conversations. I try too hard to make someone happy, and it can be annoying. I hate to being an annoyance to anyone -- of course, except to those dicks and bitches that treat me like shit. I also hate being a burden on people, and I'll do whatever to make someone happy. I'll try to give advice to someone, but I don't do well with advice. I say the wrong things at the wrong times. I'll also do whatever to make someone laugh, but I'm not a comical genius. I'm extremely goofy, and I embrace my weirdness with open arms.

To get this in, I'm really sweet. I don't say this to be vain, I say this because I love everything sugary and sweet. I hate hate hate hate hate HATE sour things. To say what I like specifically, I love chocolate chip cookies,  ice cream, chocolate, sweet and/or sour candy, Skittles, Monster Energy drinks, red apples, and sweet tea.  To say what I love doing, I love drawing, writing, and singing to any song I love. I love to dance around my room, too. But, I don't dance anywhere near good. XD
To say what I dislike, I hate all pickles, beans, hot dogs, any color green (except for neon green ^ 3^) and being hurt.

I also hate cying in front of people when I try not to. When I cry, it's not a lovely sight to see. 

 I'm also insecure. We all are, if you think about it. We always fix our hair to the way we want it, fix our clothes, wear makeup, act a certain way to gain appreciation. Me, I'm insecure about my actions and my appearance. I hate having two rolls of fat on my tummy, and not being able to look good in the band shirts and skinnies I wear. I also hate how I try to make others laugh and do my thing, and everyone tells me to stop. I know that I'm not fucking perfect, but at least let me do something I want to do. I also find myself to be just a teenage girl, not someone super special. I do look for love, but it gets so damn difficult to choose between two people.

I think I'm a flirt. I honestly have no idea if I flirt well or shitty, but I guess I flirt. I just can't get enough guys. I know this may sound slutty to say, but it's true. I have many guy friends, and I have almost an equal amount in girl friends. However, I get along with plenty guys. Personally, I have always wanted to hang out with skater boys, and to skateboard. I even wish I was a guy. And some people say that I look and sound like a guy. So...it wouldn't be hard, right? :

I also choose to share this. I'm a cutter. I don't go crazy and cut myself every day, or even for a week. It takes a long time until I finally just...crack down. When I do, it doesn't look good. I'm perfectly fine, but I sometimes just get too sad and depressed. I get confused, mad, and it just doesn't really go too well. I've been called a lot of names- 'ugly', 'fat', 'manly', 'freak', 'weird'- but its recently that I've been labelled 'goth' and 'emo'. I honestly wonder why I was labelled as a goth, though my style has a dark-yet-casual twist on it. I'm just a person. Aren't we all?

So, yeah...if anyone reads this and have some questions, don't be afraid to ask me. I'll try to get back to it. I just hope that I don't forget my password again *laughs* and don't be afraid to add me. I don't mind. Thanks for reading.

Goodbye, and have a beautiful day, love :)

Favourite Music

Black Veil Brides, The Ready Set, Blood On The Dance Floor, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Panic!@TheDisco, Evanescence, All Time Low, Falling In Reverse, Mary Has A Gun, My Chemical Romance, Hellogoodbye, Pierce The Veil, Alesana, Bring Me The Horizon, Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Gorillaz, Hollywood Undead, Framing Hanley, A Day To Remember, NeverShoutNever, Her Bright Skies, We The Kings, The Amity Affliction, Destery Smith, Issues, Woe, Is Me, Memphis May Fall, For All Those Sleeping, Sleeping With Sirens, Get Scared, Vampires Everywhere!, Hinder, Eyes Set To Kill, Snow White's Poison Bite, The All-American Rejects, Owl City, We Came As Romans, Breathe Carolina, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Tonight Alive

Favourite Films & TV

Adventure Time, Regular Show, Zombieland, My Bloody Valentine, Valentine, Dracula

Anything bloody, gory, funny, steamy, and goofy.

Favourite Books

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod 

Vampire Kisses

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