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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - EmoRaccoon

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Pro wrestling is real, people are fake

Name: Juan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Location: Hobbs, United States
Member Since: Oct 06, 2014
Last Login: Jul 01, 2020

About Me

Herro everyone, my name is Juan. im often described as shy and awkward. I like skateboarding, combat sports, and comic books ( I prefer DC :3) Theatre, Art and History are my favorite subjects in school, I just got out of High School and going to College in January (I plan to study Psychology and Foreign Affairs). im anti-social, personally I think people in general suck but I like to make friends since I dont have much IRL. I like to listen to Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Metal, Dubstep, and a little Country. I kind of hate life but im looking for reasons not too, which brings me here, so hopefully I can learn something from everyone I talk too. If you're depressed or suicidal or whatever, message me, I'd LOVE to help :3 im an Anarchist at heart. im Agnostic so I have doubts about religion but I respect peoples beliefs. Anyways, if you'd like to know more, feel free to ask :3

(drop)Kik me if you wish: Juanarchy
Skype: Tehbrownranger

Name :Juan
Nick Name :JC
Birthdate :5-14-96
Birthplace :Hobbs, New Mexico
Current Location :Hobbs, New Mexico
Eye Color :Brown
Hair Color :Black
Height :5'8
Weight :160 lbs
Piercings :1 (lower right lip)
Tatoos :No but I want some
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :Never really had one
Vehicle :A skateboard
Overused Phrase :"Dude"
Food :Pizza
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :Golden Corral (they have everything ^.^)
Candy :Anything thats gummy
Number :0
Color :Black and Green
Animal :Dog (specifically, chihuahuas)
Drink :Mountain Dew
Body Part on Opposite sex :Smile
Perfume :Wut.
TV Show :Catfish
Music Album :One X
Movie :Guardians of the Galaxy
Actor/Actress :Will Smith
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing :Burger King
Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Coffee
Kiss or Hug :Hug
Dog or Cat :Dog
Rap or Punk :Rap
Summer or Winter :Winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :Funny Movies
Love or Money :...... :/
Bedtime :around Midnight
Most Missed Memory :2011
Best phyiscal feature :My hair, I guess
First Thought Waking Up :"Today is going to suck"
Ambition :Become an actor or professional fighter (strange, I know)
Best Friends :2
Weakness :im emotional
Fears :C0ckroaches, being alone
Longest relationship :Never happened
Cheated Your Partner :No
Ever been beaten up :Yes
Ever beaten someone up :Yes
Ever Shoplifted :.....Yes
Ever Skinny Dipped :No
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :No
Been Dumped Lately :Nah
Favorite Eye Color :dont matter
Favorite Hair Color :dont matter
Short or Long :Short
Height :Shorter than me
Style :Dun matter
Looks or Personality :Personality
Hot or CuteCute
Muscular or Really Skinny :Wut.
What country do you want to Visit :Canada, Japan, UK
How do you want to Die :With dignity
Been to the Mall Lately :Nah
Get along with your Parents :Sure
Health Freak :Nah
Do you think your Attractive :Nah
Believe in Yourself :Sure
Want to go to College :Yepp
Do you Smoke :No
Do you Drink :No
Shower Daily :Yeah
Been in Love :Yes
Do you Sing :Used to
Want to get Married :Maybe
Do you want Children :Maybe
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :Doesn't matter lol
Hate anyone :Of course
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Favourite Music

Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Bring Me The Horizon, 2pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Script, Black Eyed Peas, Notorious B.I.G., Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Three Days Grace. LMFAO, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Skrillex, Drowning Pool, Nirvana, Dr. Dre, Justin Beiber (dont laugh), Macklemore, Hollywood Undead, T.I., 50 Cent, Gorillaz and much more I really dont have the time to list lol

Favourite Films & TV

Oz, Sons of Anarchy, anything MMA related, Bobs Burgers, American History X, Once Were Warriors, The Boy in Striped Pajamas, The Pianist, anything comic book related.

Favourite Books

Comic Books, Anime/Manga, Tangerine, Black Duck, a shiz load of autobiographies

Education / Occupation

High School Graduate, Sales associate at a book store

Who I'd Like To Meet

Psh, anyone who likes me enough to be friends >.

My Links

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xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 14 2019, 10:32 PM

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :]
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 14 2018, 07:06 PM

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :]
lexi_123 - soEmo.co.uk

Dec 10 2014, 04:36 AM

Thx u r too
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Oct 08 2014, 05:15 PM

Thanks for the add :]
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Oct 06 2014, 12:04 AM

Heya EmoRaccoon welcome to soEmo.co.uk

Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Even create a journal if you like...

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