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The time has come at last For years we have followed the wake of his perilous rule Serpent of deception you will fall to your knees When this is all said and done Messiahbolical, by Whitechapel

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23 / Female / Alberta, Canada
Bisexual / Single
Member since: Mar 26, 2013
Last online: Apr 21, 2013

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About Me

What is there to tell? I'm just another girl with screwed up emotions trying to get through life. I was bullied for a long time and have been hardened from the experiance. I have had very little luck with relationshipsand none of them seem to last over a month and a half. I don't talk much about how I feel with most people just because I don't think they'll understand. My life isn't all shit though, don't make that mistake! I have great friends who I love hanging out with. I'm ADHD and have a super short attention span, and can be super crazy if I don't take my meds (I'm on drugs haha :P). I'm not crazy all the time though, I can be calm and mature if I want or need to be. I'm believe people throw the world love around too freely nowadays, call me old fashioned or whatever but I think saying I love you to somebody you've been going put with for like a month is just a no. Random tanjent over with.... Umm Idk what elce to say, I guess if you want to know anything more about me just ask laziness and uncreativity prevents me from writing anything more

Favourite Music

Alternatinve and Alt Rock, I'm also in love with Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds I grew up with the Killers and Red Hot chilly peppers and will always love their music. Ed Sheeran=Jesus, its a proven fact trust me I don't lie

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Fave Author- John Green Fave book- Looking for Alaska

Education / Occupation

I'm in Middle school *whisper* do you wanna know a secret? I'm actually in Gr.8 I lied about being born in 1998 I'm born in 1999, how do you change that? Anyway... I get good grades in school like B+ A average though I don't understand how the hell that happend, it makes no sense.

Who I'd Like To Meet

I'm just looking for friends on here nothing more, online relationships just arn't my thing. I'm on here to find people to talk and be my complete self with, without fear of being judged. In other words I'll probably sit here and wait for people to talk to me.

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Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Mar 26 2013, 10:14 AM
Thanks for the add :]
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  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.


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