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you love me for all the wrong reasons. whats killing me, is that im killing you! killing you, by Asking Alexandria

Emo Song Lyrics - Korn (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Im digging with my figure tips, im dripping on the ground i stand apond, im such a poor fragile fool. ~Evolution~"
    Evolution, by Korn
  • "Day is here fading, That's when I'm insane, I flirt with suicide, Sometimes kills the pain, I can't always say, It's gonna be better tomorrow, Falling away from me, falling away from me. "
    Falling Away From Me, by Korn
  • "Keep holdin on when my brains tickin like a bomb Guess the black thoughts have come again to get me Sweet bitter words unlike nothing I have heard Sing along mocking bird you dont affect me "
    Coming Undone, by Korn
  • "Everythings eliminated Everything is dedicated Tried to leave this life i hated, Even death was over rated Love song for the dear departed Head stone for the broken hearted Arms to kill Or flowers to steal.. "
    Love Song, by Korn
  • "Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Boom boom boom boom"
    y'all all want a single, by Korn
  • "You fell away, What more can I say? The feelings evolved, I wont let it out, I can't replace Your screaming face Feeling the sickness inside"
    System, by Korn
  • "What a puss Think you're so tough I take this shit All I had was Love in me It was so good But that wasn't enough You rip it away"
    Oildale (leave me alone), by Korn
  • "Hold me up into the light Fix the cracks and fix them right Keep the pieces in the drawer Keep them there for ever more Wake a million thoughts someday Recycle this shit in someway And all that I have to say Don't let them throw me away"
    Throw Me Away, by Korn
  • "First you told me everyone was my neighbor they took advantage of me then they took turns hating me "
    Mr. Rogers, by Korn
  • "Feeling like a freak on a leash... Feeling like I have no release.. How many times have I felt diseased Nothing in my life is free, is free"
    Freak on a Leash, by Korn
  • "I'll die smiling. Something I heard someone says to me, will make me laugh; and I'll lay back and fade away. Let me go, I'll be fine, frozen here in time; Sick of being alive."
    Eaten Up Inside, by Korn
  • "I dream of the past, so I can break through The walls I have built inside The thoughts I can't grasp Transparency through They're constantly fight and collide I'd love to see a different world "
    A Different World, by Korn ft. Corey Taylor

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