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Emo lyricsSo many feelings, pent up in here. Left all alone I'm with, the one I most fear. I'm sick and I'm tired. of reasoning. Just want to break out, shake off this skin. I can't escape myself.Emo song lyrics
(The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - TashieeSaurusRexx

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TashieeSaurusRexx [Site Model]

Name: Tashiee
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Location: Bedford (:, United Kingdom
Member Since: Oct 11, 2010
Last Login: Jun 13, 2013

About Me

i'm tashiee, not 'tash' or 'natasha' or 'tasha' it's tashie, so pelase don't offend me with other names, unless i'm close to you ^_^ now that's out the way (: nice to meet chuu. i speak fluent german -waves- well unlike most profiles i'm ganna explain about me weather you read this or not :p if you do, well you're clearly a deccent person ;DD so huggles for you :')
i'm 20 years young. when i say young i really am a 15 year old still at heart lol. massive kid that's me (': i still love my kids programmes, going clubbing, having a right laugh and being well silly and childish. don't get me wrong i can be grown up when it comes to important issues. if you don't like it, then please FUCK OFF. i won't change for anyone, simple as. i am who i am for a reason (: ask any of my friends i;m sure they'd say i was random, crazy, fun to be with, and truthworthy.
i don't judge anyone, never have never will, guess it's a weakness lol :') i don't hate people either i find it impossible to, i'm a hippy at heart you see xDD all about the LOVEE :') NOM. i actually love huggles ^__^
I'M heavily tattooed and pierced, it's part of my alterantive lifestyle =DD don't like it then, well sorry you can fuck off. i'm not the same as anyone else, i am an indervidual and i'm not ganna doa nything but lol at you're face if you feel the need to slag me of for the way i am (':
i wear skinnys, bright colours, i backcomb my hair, sterotypical cunts would say i was a scene kid, but unlike most people, my style is different i'm always being told so, i don't follow the crowds, hoenstly it's pathetic, i love the individuality in people (:
i'm a brootally honest person, some people don't like it, vut there's no point in lying, it's just not right, and it's deffinatly not me lol. i won't bothert alking or replying to you're emails if there short pointless boring emails, simple as make them intresting i love intresting people, i lvoe talking (L
i can be thesweetest person alive, unless you mess with my friends, you'll geta bb gun full of sugar come at ya if you mess with them ;DDD! my friends and music are my life :')! don't feel that i won't talk to you, because i will (: i'm so talkative really i am ^____^ wooop xDD.
i can scremo really for a girl, really chuffed about it, scremo music is my life. people slag me of for it, but you no what it's my opinion, if we were all the same life i'd be boring simple as ^_^
My Mum is the worlds best mate and i love her <333
drop me a comment i won't bite ya =D much :P

Favourite Music

BMTH - Obsessed With Oli!!<3 AskingAlexandria <3 AbandonAllShips <3 EscapeTheFate <3 Confide <3 YouMeAtSix <3 Woe Is Me <3 Attack Attack! <3 My Ticket Home<3 Make Me Famous <3 Bleed From Within <3 Unicorn kid <3 BloodOnTheDanceFloor! <3 motionless in white <3 vanna <3 close you're eyes <3 The Devil Wears Prade <3 Sleeping With Sirens <3 This Romantic Tragedy <3i Love the EBM scene so bands like KMFDM <3 Aesthetic Perfection <3 Komor Komando <3 suicide comando <3 combichrist <3 angelspit <3

Favourite Films & TV

Favourite Books

Education / Occupation

full time photographer in a nightclub :)

college student
model at attitude clothing :)

Who I'd Like To Meet

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