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From lashes to ashes, and from lust to dust, In your sweetest torment, I'm lost, And no heaven can help us, ready, willing and able, to lose it all, for a kiss so fatal, and so warm Heartache Every Moment, by HIM

Emo Song Lyrics - Aiden (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Take me into your dark dream and scream so loud this place fills with misery, suffer the kiss, and take me out alive."
    The Suffering, by Aiden
  • "Die, die, die my darling. Don't utter a single word. Die, die, die my darling. Just shut your pretty mouth"
    Die, Die My Darling, by Aiden
  • "I know little pain, a little lust, I lose myself at night to feel the rush of tearing my skin apart"
    We Sleep Forever, by Aiden
  • "A soft look, in silence, misery come and find us, well don't try to stop me, I'm headed straight to hell down"
    One Love, by Aiden
  • "I'll wait for this moment when our lips collide and almost stop the earth, you're in my arms tonight, I'll wait for this moment"
    Moment, by Aiden
  • "to wake up she fucks the pain, she wears make-up to hide the shame <3"
    bliss, by Aiden
    Knife blood nightmare, by Aiden
  • "They call the angels, this razor blade was ment for me"
    We sleep forever, by Aiden
  • "This razor blade was meant for me."
    We Sleep Forever, by Aiden
  • "Hey, call the angels. This razorblade was meant for me."
    We Sleep Forever, by Aiden
  • "wooo hey call the angeles this razor blade is ment for me woo hey call the angels we'll mutilate in snity"
    we sleep forever, by Aiden
  • "You wrote the book on silent eyes, and i wrote this song to say goodbye."
    Silent Eyes, by Aiden
  • "i will wait for this moment when our lips collide and almost stop the earth"
    moment, by Aiden
  • "And how I wanted to say Are you all alone? cause I'm empty Are you empty? are you empty tonight? And all I fear tonight."
    The Sky is Falling, by Aiden
  • "Now kiss me one last time And bring me back to life Bring me back to life I know the sky is falling here we are, I'm empty."
    The Sky is Falling, by Aiden
  • "Visit me in hell tonight and say if love exists i will fall."
    Moment, by Aiden
  • "Your pretty face disguised in a veil of fear, drips with tears as i gave you one last kiss before the fall. Hold my hand, you're so beautiful. Let's escape from this life and end it all."
    Moment, by Aiden
  • "We walked through the rain And the night became silent Sleep fell over the sky And I swear I've never seen anything so beautifully dark "
    Darkness, by Aiden
  • "She cuts a vein although its much too dull, I say she's all alone, fighting for redemption, I know little pain little lust, I lose myself at night to feel the rush, of tearing my skin apart, now take this sadness and close your eyes love"
    We Sleep Forever, by Aiden
  • "She bathed in blood that much you know,Of the demon countess Bathory, Through these cemetery gates we go, With my eyes closed . "
    Elizabeth, by Aiden
  • "Hey, I want to live forever, I'm in love with the dark horizon, I'm in love with madness, Hey, I want to live forever, I'm in love with the dark horizon, In the moonlight I will bathe "
    Elizabeth, by Aiden
  • "She placed her hand on the heart and swore, Every last one of them, Will bring me youth, beauty, bliss galore, Close my eyes, And the basin was filled every night she dined, In the den of iniquity, And my sorrow filled reverie, Close my eyes . "
    Elizabeth, by Aiden
  • "She bathed in blood. How apropos, Became a witness to the suffering, Skinned alive even took their soul, Close my eyes, By the moonlit darkness legend grows, Torture only child's play, Sworn to pledge and gather peasant slaves . "
    Elizabeth, by Aiden
  • "I wont forget those times we spent cutting our silhouettes, waking up nights again, I'm afraid because I&rsquo;m open and undone. I wont forget those things you said, a stab to the heart and head, killing w/out an end I'm afraid because.. "
    Breathless, by Aiden
  • "Stay up late enjoy the view, sing with me die with you, come make my dreams come true. This high up we start to fade and watch the night turn into day. Breaking high we hold forever-changing hearts of gold. "
    Enjoy the View, by Aiden
  • "Hold your hand with mine In this picture perfect light There's one last chance for us Tonight I hold your hand with mine So everything is fine So say goodbye now say goodbye Tonight "
    Say Goodbye, by Aiden
  • "Im too fucked up to come home I swear this heart was made of stone, I won&rsquo;t pretend that everything&rsquo;s alright when it&rsquo;s not. So one last goodnight, with this painted picture in our minds the voice inside that sings tonight. "
    Genetic Design for Dying, by Aiden
  • "Love, Silence, And Fade Away (darkness, darkness and decay) A scarlet Kiss, And what to say (darkness, darkness and decay) Believe, Believe, Believe in me, I will follow"
    Believe, by Aiden
  • "You can embrace lies built on faith. You can manipulate a simple story. For Fear. Panic. Glory. Fuck your God! Fuck your faith in the end! There's no religion..."
    Crusifiction, by Aiden
  • "You sink your teeth and bite the blood that drains the life inside of me."
    The Last Sunrise, by Aiden

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