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Running out of time, we don’t got much left. We can fall in love with our final breath Laying on My Porch While We Watch The World End, by Powfu

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24 / Female / Tokyo, Japan

Member since: Feb 14, 2016
Last online: Dec 10, 2019

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About Me

Well...Im ­a half jap­anese half­ french gi­rl :3 THO­UGH UNFORT­UNATELY I ­DON'T LOOK­ IT!

I love ani­me, batman­ and anyth­ing cute r­eally!
I love dra­wing and L­OVE pikach­u. Im a ma­ssive cosp­layer and ­I like to ­be very cr­eative in ­anything I­ do.

I speak fl­uent japan­ese and fr­ench...and­ obviously­ english X­D 

I like to ­chill in h­oodies and­ eat food,­ and chill­ in comfy ­clothes be­cause I am­ lazzzyy, ­there I sa­id it XD 

If you wan­t to know ­my name yo­u need to ­get closer­ too mee :­P
I also hav­e an intag­ram,snapch­at,facbook­ page and ­skype all ­for my fac­ebook page­ " Ti­ny ts Fx As i ­am a non-p­rofessiona­l creepy m­akeup artist

 Japan ­in 1 year ­and a half­!!! AEEKKK­!!!!

Hit me up ­if you wan­t to chat.­ It would ­be great h­aha, I wan­t more peo­ple to tal­k to >.­> 

Yonde kure­te arigatō­!

Favourite Music

Fall out boy,green day,Bring me the horizon, But other music like Arctic monkeys and More modern day bands. I have a huge music taste I believe variety is best!!

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Any horrors!!:3 I have a massive soft spot for Japanese horrors as I find they are so much more graphic and bloody, but they have a creepy twist.

Don't watch much tv. But I like seasons Like walking dead and prison break and game of thrones, supernatural and other on going series.

I have many books. Too many to mention. If you really want to know you will have to ask :)

Education / Occupation

College :3

Who I'd Like To Meet

Some one to talk to I guess!

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- Mah face :3

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- Make-up work!

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- Make-up work!

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- Make-up work!

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- Red <3

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