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Emo lyricsour world is an ashtray, we burn and rot like ciggarets our ashes turn to mudEmo song lyrics
(Marilyn Manson - the reflection of god)

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Blue Banana

Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Izzisasexybeast's Journal

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Nov 03 2013, 10:28 AM

I'm sitting in my room with my dog Teeko and i go to stand up and i accidentally kick him, his tummy flubber jiggled it was hilarious. He just stared at me like i was a freak because i was laughing at him.Then he rolls over so he doesnt have to look at me but he rolled right off of the bed...hes just laying there now...i think hes dead *pokes him* nope hes alive

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Total Journal Entries: 1