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Emo lyricsJumping up and down the floor, My head is an animal. And once there was an animal, It had a son that mowed the lawn. The son was an OK guy, They had a pet dragonfly. The dragonfly, it ran away, But it came back with a story to say.Emo song lyrics
(Of Monsters & Men - Dirty Paws)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

SheThePanda's Journal

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Jan 16 2014, 09:54 AM

For Brother.

You know,I miss you badly
Every day I remember you sadly.
You were all I had
much better than any dad.
You were the sunshine
even when all I heard from me was whine.
I never told you enough how much
I loved you and such.

You were my all
the one who never let me fall.
I miss you,I truly do
oh why did you have to go?
Im falling apart,without you near
came back everything that i fear.
You are in my heart so broken
you were the only one to keep it open.

My dear brother,my all
why arent you here to keep me from fall?
I need you so badly
but sadly
you are gone
and I am all alone.

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Jan 16 2014, 09:39 AM


Do you hear that?
That is my heart looking for you.
Do you know what
I love you.
To the end and back
I would be with you only
Even when my skills might lack
Id cheer your broken heart so lonely.

I would tear you out of it
if I werent so afraid to do that
I would make you fit
I weren't a simple teenage rat.
I would bring you from that rain to the shelter so warm
I would give you love and myself
I would do anything to keep you happy and calm
and I would hope that everything will figure out itself.

I would hold you in my embrace so sweet
I would warm your heart so icy cold
I would keep your home so nice and neat
And my heart won't be ever sold
to anyone but you my dear
I might not be the best of all
but I will try to be the best for you I swear
and in love with you I'd over and over would fall.

I might be broken,messed up
but remember,
I would always fill your cup
of happyness forever.
You would be my first worry
my first priority of all
And you dont have to be sorry
I would never let you fall.

I could never express the way I feel
I could never say thank you enough you know
You are my best friend my all,infront of you id kneel.
And I hope the time will show
how much I love you,how much i need you
and how much i would miss you when you are gone
But never betray me though
because if you do I will make sure you will end up alone.

In love theres always hate.
And maybe this is my word
Never mess with my fate
or the guitarist of your life will play the final cord.
Love is painful,dangerous also I could say
but remember when you get the hang of it
your happiness would stay
and complete is your survival kit

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Jan 16 2014, 09:36 AM

Leaves are Yellow

Leaves are yellow,
just like my soul is blue.
My life is hollow
how to go on I have no clue.

Sadness is my friend,
tears are my relief.
Will you be my friend at the end?
Do you share my belief?

I believe in sadness,
I believe in life.
I will drown myself in this madness
and death will be my wife.

No one here to rescue me
just on my own i am
who would ever be the one to be
will I ever be that ma'm

Taking pills,crossing hills
never helped me that
all the oldman will start to write their wills
I wish my life would be a hat.

A hat I could lift
a hat that would be thrown away
a hat that fire would lit
a hat that was never made to stay

No food for soul of mine
no life to continue in here
maybe someday the gates of hell for me will shine
and all my friends will be there.

I am a sin of nature
too sad to go on from this
I am just a pathetic creature
and getting happiness and peace is my only wish.

Eve Liiv

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Jan 16 2014, 09:34 AM

Just me,the piano and you.

Piano so howling so silent in her tone
nothing less than a note so sad
no words,they are all gone
and there is nothing anymore to make you mad.

Just me the piano and you
and the night sky,so dark and cold
Oh my dear what am I gonna do
how will I be mold?

How will be at the beginning of the end?`
Will I be like you desire me to be?
Or there wont be any kisses to send
and never i will see
the sight of your eyes so green
the shine of your hair so black
oh why am I so keen
oh why I never want to go back?

Is it because you have spelled this little heart of mine
or just because I always wanted you to be near.
just because you made my sun shine
just because with you there was no fear.
Why am I sitting here?
Listening to the crying piano song
Why can't I be there
where is your workday so long.
I miss your beautiful chuckle with a tone so deep
I miss your sweet embrace
I want you so bad I would wheep
I want you to walk past me with your unique grace.

Even if our roads will separate by time
remember,this girl here is loyal.
Because you are mine and only mine.

Never will I share you with anyone so bold to try
And still that piano howling so painfully
is trying to make me cry
but I have harmony inside because thankfully
for you i'm alive.

Alive to see you smile and laugh
alive to see you cry and be mad
I'm so happy for the moments I caught
from your state of sad.

Thank you for the piano and support
thank you for the love and care.
I will never abort
you and your life I will with you share.

For being my friend and lover
you have sinked in my heart so deep
I would share with you my shower
I would make love to you during our time for sleep.
I would carry you on my hands in real
if I weren't so physically weak.
My arms around you I will seal
and the goods of life with you I would seek.

I would seek your lips
in the darkness of night
I would unite our hips
and something nice happen might.
You are mine,my golden coin
my only fortune,
with you in everything i would join
because being without you is pure torture.
And now I will listen to the sound so depressing and calming
coming from the speakers of mine
because the Endless Melancholy piano is so warming
and it makes my inner soul to shine.

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Total Journal Entries: 4