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Emo lyricsIt was you that I couldn't feel, The pain to me is so unreal, With the Devil I made a deal, Now it's my coffin that you seal!Emo song lyrics
(Posthuman - Nail In My Coffin)

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Jaimestanners's Journal

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Oct 03 2017, 09:27 AM

That feeling you get when ur finally sick of people pushing u around treating u as if ur nothing even though u cared about them :/ I guess it’s just one big fucked up crazy world

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Sep 27 2017, 09:16 PM

I am good for a while
I’ll talk more laugh more
Sleep and eat normally
But then something happens
Like a switch turns off somewhere
And all I am left with is darkness of my mind
But each time it seems like I sink
Deeper and deeper
And I am scared...
Terrified that one day I won’t make it back up
I feel like I am gasping for air
Screaming for help
But everyone just looks at me
With confused faces
Wondering what I am struggling over
When they’re all doing just fine
And it makes me feel crazy

What the hell is wrong with me ?

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Sep 27 2017, 09:00 PM

</b>you know yours fucked up when
Someone comes along and treats
you right and you’re fucking
scared and want to run
And start thinking they are using
you cause it isn’t normal for
someone to be so fucking kind
to you and you’re wondering when shit is about to go down.
And you’re terrified that one day
They’re going to wake up and suddenly
Not want you anymore and leave you for
Someone else

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Total Journal Entries: 3