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standing alone in the soot and stone, he draws from his holster a man. Crawling alone through the soot and stone, he makes his way home half to death. The Gunsling, by Black Veil Brides

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Angela :)
27 / Female / Los Angeles, United States
Straight / Single & Looking
Member since: Sep 27, 2013
Last online: Jul 23, 2014

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About Me

HI . . . :3
I Love You All! <3

emmm... okay
I would like to describe a little bit about of my life.
yeah ... although it is not important at all to you!
but only
design! ;)

im not a good girl. But im trying to be a good look. Sometimes, if im angry, I look like a devil!! haha!
therefore, be careful with me, because I could bite you! :p
xD lie, lie, lie

But then, after I was in consciousness, I regret what I did and cry inside. :'( Idk why, but its me!!!

just a little girl who doesn't understand what the adults do! xD

Yeah, I'm innocent, but I love it.

im only one child in my family. I dont have younger girl or boy, sister or brother. I always alone at home. Alone to lying on my bed and listen to the music. I love it! ^____^
I always stay in my room. I rarely go out of my house, just once in a while if there is a need, , like promise with my friendship, , just like working my homework from my school, , shopping, go to the library, or the other things of it. That was out of necessity.
I'm afraid of the sunlight xD like a vampire. haha! But, no,no, im not a vampire or kind of it.
Its nothing, but I just fear my skin becoming dark. xP Ahahaha! xD
Yeah, I know I talk excessively. But, it is sometimes true
cause my skin so sensitive with bright of the sun, So harmful.

*I like meal of snack. I cant live without it. Haha! ice cream, cocholate, or
chewing gum. But not eating somefood. I ever eating too much cocholate and then, I get a sick. My throat feeling so paint. I cant eating, singing, amusing or sreaming again!!! Hmmm . . . :/ I hate this sick. I dont wanna sick again.

*I like listen to Avenged Sevenfold!! <3 <3 <3

Favourite Music

I always listen to music when I feel depressed, anxious, hurt and heartbreak. My ipod has always been by my side to accompany me.
^^*♥Avenged Sevenfold♥*^^ (Most Like^^)
^^*♠Asking Alexandria♠*^^
^^*♦♥Pinkly Smooth♥♦*^^
^^*♦System of A Down♦*^^
^^*♦Dream Theatre♦*^^
^^*♦Iron Maiden♦*^^
^^*♦Stone Sour♦*^^
^^*♦My Chemical Romance♦*^^

Favourite Films / TV / Books

*Men in Black II
*Vampire King
*Trick or Treat!
*Rosemary Baby
*The Mummy Return
*Friday the 13
*Fredy the Nightmare
*Monster House
*Ghost Rider
*Journey to The Centre Of The Earth
*Breaking Down
*Brave Heart
*A Troy
*Harry Potter
*House of Wax

I like Book ;)
♥ Dracula
♦Tom Sawyer
♦Robin Hood
♦Oliver Twist
-N etc.

Education / Occupation


Who I'd Like To Meet

I want to meet all members of the Avenged Sevenfold band!
Zacky Vengeance *.* (My favorite rhythm guitar player)
Synyster Gates (My favorite lead guitar player)
Matt Shadows *.* (Best Vocal my favorite)
Johnny Christ (My favorite Basisst)
Arin Ilejay (My favorite Drummer)

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