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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

MCR (My Chemical Romance) / Emo fans protest against Daily Mails "suicide cult" claims, London UK

MCR Fans Protest Against The Daily Mail

Some of the key players in the media like the BBC, NME, Kerrang and The Guardian have already managed to publish their articles following the MCR protest on 31st May 2008. Here is my account...

I managed to attend the MCR / Emo protest with my girlfriend Vicki to support the emo scene on behalf of soEmo.co.uk (and to hand out some flyers to promote the online emo community)

The venue changed last minute and the majority of protestors congregated around Marble Arch from 10am to 10pm. Numbers were in the region of 150-200 throughout the day with the majority being young teenage girls. In addition, following discussions with the police up to 40 fans were allowed to protest nearby outside The Daily Mail offices.

The atmosphere was that of a friendly nature without a hint of the false Daily Mail claims that the emo scene is a dangerous "suicide cult"! No trouble was present at the peaceful protest. Passionate MCR fans full of energy sang key MCR songs and many held banners and wore homemade clothes with positive slogans and MCR lyrics such as "Think happy thoughts" and "I'm Not Afraid To Keep On Living". There were free hugs, dance-offs, a conga line and a lot of chanting including "F*ck the Daily Mail".

My Chemical Romance Fans Protest Against The Daily Mail

Some could argue that it was more of a friendly gathering of 'emo people' and didn't achieve anything. Another view is that these kids should be protesting against more important world issues rather something so trivial.

However, even though the majority comprised of young teenagers; they were dedicated fans there to defend their favourite band. Various media bodies were present and stories are plastered over the Internet stressing the friendly atmosphere so at least some parents and the media can see how wrong Daily Mail are. The protest certainly would not have gone ahead if their claims weren't so ludicrous.

Newspapers such as The Guardian state that the "atmosphere was more carnival fairground than protest", but this was simply down to the young age group. This also hinders the impact of the protest as youths aren't always taken as seriously as adults.

The Daily Mail even issued a statement at the same time as the fans took to the streets.

The paper said: "The Daily Mail's coverage of the 'Emo' movement has been balanced, restrained and above all, in the public interest. Genuine concerns were raised at the inquest earlier this month on 13 year old emo follower Hannah Bond who had been self-harming and then tragically killed herself."

As expected they haven't learnt since the ignorant poorly researched article titled "EMO cult warning for parents" in 2006 by Sarah Sands.

Well done to 16-year-old event organiser, Anni Smith. Her effort stresses that the youth of today should be heard as this protest will hopefully reassure parents worldwide.

Picture Gallery by soEmo.co.uk

MCR Protest CrowdMy Chemical Romance Protest CrowdMCR Protest LondonMy Chemical Romance Fans ProtestEmo Protest Against Daily MailMCR Protest London UKMCR FansAgainst the Protest?MCR Banner Im Not Afraid To Keep On LivingMCR Saved Our LivesMCR Will Save Your LifeDaily Mail to Ashes

Video Clips by soEmo.co.uk



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MCR / Emo fans plan London protest against Daily Mail "suicide cult" claims
Nobody is going to commit suicide on 31st May at the Protest...obviously!


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Submitted by: kali warf on Mar 18 2018, 11:39 AM

i agree with ILIVEFORMCR

Submitted by: ILIVEFORMCR on Feb 13 2011, 10:28 AM

I wish the public would stop stereotyping and learn to accept people for what they believe in. One of MCR's lyrics specifically says 'Get off the ledge and drop the knife. Not a victim of a victim's life. Because this ain't a room full of suicides. We're believers, I believe tonight.' and you call that emo?

Submitted by: soEmo.co.uk on Feb 04 2011, 06:10 PM

It seems so long ago now! I feel society is more accepting of the emo scene nowadays :]

Submitted by: Jojo CupcakeKillerr xD on Feb 04 2011, 02:35 PM

Omg this is so cool! I hadn't ever heard anything bout this til now, but of course, I live in America so there'd be no reason for me to hear it from some American something lol O_o this is awshum tho! It just reinforces how awesome the emo scene really is :) ^^ glad I happened to see the link to this lol :)

Submitted by: demonb2i on Jan 08 2011, 07:02 PM

I think it's so funny! Other people always need something or someone to blame otherwise they'd feel lost. As for the whole "suicide band warning for parents", my own mum loves MCR so they may have failed there. xXx

Submitted by: EmoRobotics on Dec 10 2010, 07:58 AM

I absoloutely agree!!
The way people regard us is ludicrous!!
For seriously people! WE ARE NOT DANGEROURS

¬¬ Suck on that Daily mail

Submitted by: Boo! =D on Nov 12 2010, 12:54 PM

This Is Just So Eurgh! :@ I Mean I'm All For Everyone Having Their Own Opinions But Things Like The Warning To All Parents Is Ridiculous, We Have A Right To Think What We Want, Dress How We Want, Do What We Want. No One Has The Right To Say We're Dangerous Because Of It! It's Just We Don't Have To Power To Organise Anything Bigger, Or Do Something That Will Get People To Listen.. Well I'm Proud Of Everyone Who Supports This.

Love You All <3
Boo ^^ <3

Submitted by: mcr rule on Jul 01 2009, 11:29 AM

i am soooo with these people
if i was there at the time, i would be there in my mcr jacket and skinny jeans shouting with them
f*cking stereotypes

Submitted by: chelsea. on Aug 06 2008, 12:27 AM

hey soEmo.co.uk bloggers,
it seems to me that those kids found something productive to do with a day, i thought a protest was in order, just look how they got themselves HEARD!
unlike a lot of people they said screw the system
we aint going down without a fight
dunno about you but i think that takes balls

Submitted by: Tantra on Jul 23 2008, 01:24 AM

Man, this is childish. The article is well-written and people are just abusing that. No wonder no-one worthwhile has comment, probably cautious as they'll get pathetic comments thrown back at them. Ugh, always something isn't there?
At any rate sweetheart, loving the article, very well written :]

Submitted by: Mica on Jul 07 2008, 09:09 AM

How can they blame 5 guys for the death of a girl, unless they actually KILLED her with their bare hands..?

Submitted by: Kirsten on Jul 02 2008, 06:23 AM

I dont have to search on Google for this website

Cause its constantly in my face :@

So yes, I maybe pathetic for even bothering, but right now I have nothing better to do :D. Truth is this site is a load of bollocks.

I blame the bellend of a creator.
I don't blame you if you hate me now, For I have hated you a long time Matthew.

Im sure I say this on behalf of a few others aswell.


Submitted by: Jesus on Jun 28 2008, 12:53 PM

As gods son and representative on this well living earth..i have one thing to say to the people on this emo website

heavens closed :D!

and seriously, comon so what the daily mail said your a bunch of suicidal wackos. Who gives a f@ck? the fact use went and done a protest is humerous. Whats next...an emo for prime minister...oh god no! sooner shoot my...no..wait..suicide would be emo!

load of b@llocks

Submitted by: You on Jun 27 2008, 03:53 PM

And how can we take you seriously...when you look like that? I mean really how..



Submitted by: Smelly Emo..no wait thats you! on Jun 27 2008, 03:52 PM

I wish id come down now and thrown things..yes

Cause you're all stupid


Submitted by: Yer Maw on Jun 27 2008, 03:47 PM

This is a load of bullshit.

End of

Submitted by: gerard way lmao on Jun 11 2008, 10:40 AM

have you ever wondered why emos are always either thin and ugly or fat and ugly?

its the truth!

Submitted by: Laceration Gravity on Jun 06 2008, 08:08 AM

Well "Me" I believe that spending your no-doubt valuable time logging onto this forum, searching the pictures and maybe reading the well written article on it and THEN taking the rest of your hour or so insulting it is rather sad.

The protest was amazing, and it showed that we can stand up for what we believe in without conforming to the Daily Mail's stereotypical "emo."

And that's what I said in NME this week ^_^

Submitted by: xXChemical_RomanceXx on Jun 04 2008, 11:46 AM

I was there! Not in the pics though :( What time were you there at? x

Submitted by: Me on Jun 04 2008, 03:21 AM

How rediculous and pathetic.
Try getting a life rather than wasting time and money on stupid things like this.
Emo isnt anything special and it's a pathetic stereotype and no we wont get away from the stereo types but if you think this is something big then you are way wrong, 'goths' and 'punks' cane before the 'emos' and theres been far worse said about these people than this silly 'emo' story. Everyone is just a person who cares how you dress what you listen to etc I highly doubt it makes you special in any way and if it does save your life or whatever good for you but i'm sure a 'dance' song maybe have saved a 'chavs' life at some point all songs have a meaning behind them and 'emo' isnt anything special so in conclusion get over your self and grow the f@ck up please

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