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Maybe I'm better off dead Better off dead! Did you hear a word Hear a word I said? This is not where I belong You gonna miss me when I'm gone Better Off Dead, by Sleeping With Sirens

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Halnu Ciha
33 / Male / Natchez, ms, United States
Straight / Forever Alone
Member since: Feb 01, 2021
Last online: Dec 07, 2023

Current rating: 5.0/10 (4 votes cast)

About Me

Dark Greeting I am Halnucihan of the Ciha Clan and is always look for more people to join my growing family and hope you will join me and be kin as increasing my clans number is one of my goal to clarify it is a factions that runs like a nation with its own government under the practice democratic autocracy (this is real and isn't role playing) if interested or want to know more feel free to message me.
More information about clan send me a pm.

Update: Although my clan will still exist even I have to acknowledge the truth I been denying about my clan and that is that it falls under the banner of being a micronation and will now embrace that my will still exist within the micronation I unknowingly created I embrace the empire I will create. If interested in knowing more or interested in help building this empire I will create pm me. 

To start the process to join my empire join me in my amino group.


Also clarify the amino group is a buffer and isn't the actual place for the empire we have a website for those who meet the requirements to be citizen everything you need to know is in the amino group and to be absolutely clear since this has been nothing but a problem on here about my empire is absolutely not a rp and no it isn't one of those communes cults we are a nation of being who what to live peacefully, as are selfs, and unified under one banner free to live our lives as us and what other want us to be. With that said keep in mind I will always reply with more insight and details on what you are getting into as well to help you understand more about what is expected as well as our current goals even if you understand prior to messaging me I will still say as stated above to drill in how serious I am about this topic and that you to be sure if you are committed to this.

Finally again this isn't a role-playing micronation are a real thing and stop sending me messages wanting to join the empire thinking it is a game and when I clarify it isn't don't just block me you will never see me advertise anything on this community whether it's posting or private messaging you want see me reaching out but wait for you to find you way to me meaning if someone who joins it by there own free will and desire to find a no more like help a place to home.

ETA: if you have any questions or concerns about the empire feel free to ask and to add my only desire is to unite those who have no place to call home or seek purpose in their life as well as bring out the absolute out of every being remember kits every chronicle deserve to be told.

Favourite Music

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet

Those who wish to join me on the path of Absolute to those who seek to become kin to me.

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Dec 02 2023, 05:04 PM

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Feb 21 2021, 08:43 PM

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