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Emo lyricsClosing my eyes I can see the end coming towards me don't say those words, I don't wanna hear them smothering my breathing I guess it's true I knew from the start that this broken heart was always yours to breakEmo song lyrics
(Liars Hands - Always Yours)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - TheLakebedTemple

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Please don't harass and bully me over my profile length. Thank you and great day or night :)

Name: Wolf
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: It's Complicated
Location: Did you know Hell did freeze where I live?!, United States
Member Since: Feb 16, 2021
Last Login: Feb 24, 2021

About Me

I don't answer questions that are already obviously stated :) you either A read my profile or B close out of the exit symbol of the tab you're on :)

Was taken from my Alt Scene if you want a in-depth autobiography about me I've so in my direct links. You will find a saga about me. This was manly targeted for the people that harassed me on that website this isn't a direct attack for anyone here. Also for people wondering for my direct link. No you don't need an Alt Scene account to pull up the link.

✨ I might have over 5 mental disorders but that doesn't judge who I'm does it? But that has many arrows on my head 

✨ Don't judge unless you know me for a few weeks ✨

For people wondering why I use the iPhone Mii 🦈 emoji a lot just reminds me of my young prince and also yes I've contacts but first you must go through my saga of a profile✨

Let's cut the chase shall we?

What I'm looking for in a man or a friend. 

* Do I've eagle eyes for someone here? Maybe I do? If he sees this pro I wonder if he notices me on here?

* Must not be judgmental the first day of talking or being really antsy like a ant farm. Must understand my background s as a being and the reason why I act the way I do. Must have time for me. If you can't talk to me for a good amount of the day because your job is too busy then the odds of us working isn't in our favor. Must love animals. Mostly rodents + birds + cats and avian creatures. Must not be a horn dog 24/7 and I like my own personal space and some days I don't want to be touched or bothered or I get very moody. Must understand that I'm no refunds and no rebates. Once you read my rules on how I wanted to be dated you probably would exit the shopping window. Even worse than a limited release video game or a SteelBook no pun attended and making more Skyrim quotes or maybe I'll let this one pass. Which reminds me. Humor is a big key! Speaking of the boss key! I will heart your photo if I wanna talk, sending friend requests and inbox messages are out of style! I would love for you to send your socials to!

What I find not attractive 

* Asking for selfies non stop every single day my face hasn't changed and looks the same so don't ask! Which I'm willing to give a selfie and a voice recording on a social media platform if I've what you've to show you I'm real. I also have no desire to go fake someone online like who does that? Someone that can't laugh or smile or can't handle a joke. I joke a lot so if you don't like that then take a hike elsewhere in the warm sands. Ungroomed beards that look filthy or a mop head of dreads. Skin I don't care if everyone has skin or teeth flaws or deformities so that's not really nice to call someone names because of that or make fun of them that's part of the reason why I never finished school. I know I'm making fun of beards and hair but that's a SIMPLE thing to take care of! Animal haters. Political ranters or someone shouting like annoying Talos! I will not answer anyone over the age of 45, Also my Son comes first if you don't like him or don't want to hear me talk about him then you can also pack your bags and freeze at Windhelm.

Also a few people requested that I should go gay or Les' no offense and I'm not anti gay. I just feel highly uncomfortable with that' I do have a judgmental family member that hates gays because she is brainwashed by the bible and can't make a life choice without the bible telling her what is wrong and right. I just know deep down within myself as a whole being going gay isn't my thing and someone that I lost contact said I'm a gray s'e'x'u'a'l or something that has a hard time being s'e'x'u'a'l unless on occasion' I never knew this was a thing at all until he or she told me as this was about two years ago so I can't recall the gender of who I talked to. However it's just like people that are gay' THEY KNOW if they're gay or not. So please don't be smashing your keyboard or phone saying you homophobe' No I'm not and in fact mild boy love is very great to see thank you and if a game can allow gay romance I will be a gay male' Also I will never play Persona ever again after I found out Atlus is afraid to loose their fan base if the company made gay romance in the game and that's just pathetic and you will not have my money either Atlus for Persona games because that just shows how fragile you're to keep your money tree going and I also read that some PS5 games will be $50-70 so most likely I will never own a PS5 unless the PS5 will go down in price for $200 for a system also Food Wars is one of the worst anime shows I've ever seen in my life my sister wanted me to watch that with her when I visited and I'm like no. Also Naruto makes no sense to me at all plus why the F' is there over 500 or something episodes? Insanity. I've liked the same anime for several years straight and I'm honestly bored of anime. I don't know if a music anime would interest me if any at all  and speaking of interest beards are okay on guys IF well trimmed and clean! I've seen some beards on here that looked like they've not been trimmed in a good year or two or clean! Same thing with dreads! Some dreads look awesome on people! But for the love of the 9 and Asgard and more please just wash your dreads....because oh honey child I've seen some dreads that looked like heavy weighed mop on people's heads just no. Anyways I should stop typing and banter nobody isn't going to read anymore so why should I? Please look at my comment left on my main profile picture and also click on the picture with the one that has the neon yellow and blue Eagle Keaton. Also yes you must click on the photograph for the photo to zoom in fully and the time is almost 4:40 A.M. I think I should take my sleep root and go in the furs and go to sleep now goodbye ' 
Holy $hit 1:12 P.M. I just woke up' also no discord I'm to busy with my headphones plugged into my laptop listing to Nintendo Video Game music YT 24/7 stream and I can't talk on the phone anyways' I also would've make tons of effort to go grab my dongle out of my bag to plug in my headphones that's way too much work man but I love body design of apple so who cares! I'm also tired of Nintendo Direct always having to do a b'oob jiggle the first start of the direct then there isn't any throught the rest of the direct? So unnecessary and so cringe the Nintendo Direct was a total let down go figure nothing for Zelda Anniversary at all yeah f'uck you fans!

Favourite Music

So I know you guys are thinking....you're on a emo website yet you don't have any band shirts or anything? Yeah long story short I couldn't fit into my size 0 or size 1 skinny jeans anymore and needed a 3. I also couldn't get myself in a size XXS or XS anymore and went up to a Small or a Medium. But I'm sorry to break everyone's dedicated music bubble. But I decided that I will blow that money on a Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow to play ACNH. Ironic right? I didn't buy that on a new alternative wardrobe instead. Well there is always the end of this year. I can always just treat my self and by me a new wardrobe. However I'm more in the lines of Alcest and Amorphis now than hard*core as I was addicted listening to back in the day and other variants of core genres. I no longer listen to MIW or Asking Alexandria anymore and haven't for years and I liked I See Stars better anyways. I've always been the Erra. Invent Animate. Northlane. Novelist. Born Of Osiris. Miss May I. After The Burial an so on. I plan to get back into this music and make a brand new Last.fm account. My favorite brand of skinny jeans sense this is an emo website was Royal Bones. Tripp. Lovesick. But I was super in love with split legged jeans from Royal Bones which means one leg is purple the other leg is black etc. Anyways your questions are probably burning right now do you miss the alternative fashion? Heck yes I do! Of course! Without a doubt! The only thing that wasn't so alternative about me as I was a basic b'itch LMAO. Black slip on shoes or creepers or a pair of black combat boots. I also think makeup is a waste of money so there is that LMAO. So very basic. Just some alternative styled skinny jeans + band t shirt + stud belt and simple pair of black shoes or boots and layered hair. Yep that was me haha.

Also from here and there I do listen to video game soundtracks as well :)

Favourite Films & TV

My favorite series out of all of them

As always plus the devil teddy was awesome and Shock + Lock + Barrel are amazing

I also like some Star Wars and Harry Potter. However I hated the last two series.  However I'm not a huge movie fanatic and I'm also getting bored of anime. I'm not sure if a music anime would entertain me much. However I randomly find stuff on YT or cooking shows even though I have no little motivation to cook haha. How ironic.

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

Also remember! Yaoi Hands!

Favourite Books

Yamel. Saieh. Helioux. Hector. Silius.

Education / Occupation

🌐 Handles and a faster response 

IG NeoSuitBahamut

You can find me with all the numbers you can just type in the short ver and I will come up this is manly a ACNH feed to store my snapshots off my Yellow Switch Lite and life blog what I do in my life etc and so basically a dumpster dive storage unit 🌐

Snap beelzebubpants 

And also this place likes to remove friends for no reason or says pending if this happens just try adding me I guess

GH and ✉️ snakesayswilde for G-Hood ✉️

And let me know who you're as well by your Emo U.K. username or link etc!

Who I'd Like To Meet

I would've to think about that haha

My Links


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xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 17 2021, 10:16 AM

Thanks for the add :]
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 17 2021, 09:16 AM

Heya TheLakebedTemple welcome to soEmo.co.uk

Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Even create a journal if you like...

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