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Emo lyricsLets start this over, it's not like we're dead. Was it something I did? Was it something you said? Don't leave me hangin', in a city so dead. Held up so high on such a breakable thread.Emo song lyrics
(Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending)

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Angel_Zuicide's Journal

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Sep 08 2012, 02:17 AM

Angel_Zuicide - soEmo.co.uk

Deaphly Cry

If thou shall be destined to live amongst the sad and weak,
be better off to let the heart beat no more,
void the heart and drain it of its love
for thou shall not be useful in this life no more,
and thyself shall be weak for your heart can't belong to thyself,
i cry for thee, i cry for death may be the only way to be,
the sweet scent of your beauty is not lost nor gone
for i still bask in your essence.
sadden in not having that which having is great
but being ripped from thy hand is a fate worst than death before me.
my mind not ever at ease in my mind the thought of you not with me,
so death i choose thyself to show and take me,
for i am nothing without my Juliet as a rose without its red beauty.
please take peace in thy soul
for i become no man without thy love in my heart to accompany thee,
no man worth life, no air, and no soul.
i damn thyself for i will pain, pain deep for you my love,
deeply in the shadows
where the memory will always lay about.
where tears i shall shed be.
In the drenches of where all bleeding bleed.
the mind will take no more and thy heart will shatter.
thy fragile heart will take no more in mans cruelty.
have mercy on thy soul, no i can't take it any more.
may the shadows take part in my leaving
and take me to the beautiful underworld.
Let thy blood be the proof that i am only human.
Let thy broken heart be proof that i can die and still live.
Let thy hatred be proof that i will suffer no more.
Let thy pressence be proof that I'm still here.
fate may write thy life story, let it bleed me dry but i shall
still stand, holding up a weary hand holding onto dear life.
let death wrap itself around thee, on thy knees i shall be.
shedding tears of pain that will never go away.
into the night i release thy soul, in which the path i'll never go
i go alone, i die alone
thy soul fades, it fades alone
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