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Emo lyricsWondering why the world is the way it is & why my mama cries. Every night when I try to rest my head on the floor, half stoned, thinking; Damn, this shit gets old.Emo song lyrics
(NeverShoutNever - This Shit Gets Old)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

LunaDarkAngel's Journal

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Jan 31 2018, 05:17 PM

OMG I hate when people say stuff about you but wont say it to your face... its like, "hey your a piece of shit"---"whatd u say"---- "oh....nothing..."

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Jan 29 2018, 04:47 PM

no offense to any guys on here, but guys can be assholes.my ex kissed me today but he wont ask me out. so stupid

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Jan 24 2018, 06:14 PM

so, i decided that every time i type one of these there is gonna be a topic. that being said this ones topic is group home life. yes, i live in a group home and no, i'm cant tell what the name of it is (my social worker would flip if i did.) lemme re-wind a bit...a group home is a place for children and teens to go to for a variety of different reasons. some reasons are;Family problems (maybe your being abused or your parents suck at parenting, idk use your imagination.) you can also be put in it if you have "severe behavioral problems." It is government run and it SUCKS. maybe i'm biased because I've been in what we like to call "The System" for 10 years. "The System" includes group homes, foster homes(which is basically a family the gov. pays to take care of you), and PRTF's (Physical Residential Treatment Facility which basically means it's lock-down. like everything bolted to the ground and locked doors/cameras everywhere you look.) the majority of the people who go to PRTF's are pretty much people with severe anger issues. So what happens if yu don't have parents or you were taken out of their care? that's where a social worker comes in. he/she is like your guardian, she takes the place of your parents in terms of your needs and stuff. but lets get to the good stuff; I absolutely HATE being in a group home. i live with 8 other girls and they just wont SHUT UP and stop arguing. their always so petty and childish. it's like i can nvr get peace and quiet. it gets crazy and i have to have a roommate. sometimes i wish i could have a normal life but that's not possible for me. none of my biological family can take me in, so i'm stuck in "The System" until I turn 18. but whats 2 more years when i've been in it for ever since i was 5? Is anybody else in a group home? feel free to comment.
~Jan 24, 2018

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Total Journal Entries: 3