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Emo Pictures - xXghost07Xx
Posts: 58
How Can I Get Out of This Loop of Despair? Feb 28 2023, 06:55 AM

A few days ago, I found out someone just deleted quiztron.com . I remember wanting to finish archiving one of this site's quizzes, and even so, so much crap was coming up in my life, that I only managed to attempt to archive the questions page without any answer pages linked to it.

It quite effectively ruined my day, and probably my week as well. The pockets of the internet I find enjoyable are getting tighter and tighter. I would try and focus on other things, but not many of the simpler, less distracting, phones work in the United States.

I'm partly wondering which state in my country has the cheapest land just so I can build a hut to keep my personal belongings in, because I'm at risk of homelessness.

When I think of not having the ability to either get more dated devices to work or not having the money to buy these devices, it makes me think of how much I already hate 2023 all over again, just because of that one website's disappearance.

I'm not exactly able to move on. My favorite years of life were still rather poor (personal life-wise) in general, and they're my favorites because of the internet of those years, or in some cases, the media in general. I was in my single digits of years of living in each of them, and I hate not being able to trust my memory completely.


Emo Pictures - xx-AngelSlayer-xx
Posts: 25
Feb 28 2023, 10:05 PM

I really feel this... with the whole devices thing, I was surprised to find that they do still make phones modeled after older devices mainly because they're easier for older people to use. I was able to get a pink flip phone from a modern phone store because they stocked them since they're popular with the elderly. It was WAY cheaper than a regular phone, maybe like €45. This is in Ireland, so I'm not sure about where you live, but if you manage to get that small bit of cash to spare, it's worth asking in phone shops if they have older style phones. They do still make them today, even if it means not getting hold of the cooler genuine older models. I also managed to get a working ipod nano secondhand since I found an ad for someone selling one near me, meaning I didn't have to pay for postage. I don't remember how much it cost, but it can't have been more than like €20. it is possible to reject the mainstream trends and use older styles of tech, and it's often way more affordable too. don't give up, I was really sad too when I thought it was impossible to get hold of this stuff, and I know you might not have the money for them, but they are out there, and they're cheap in comparison to what you'd expect to pay for new tech. when all else fails, I like to go digging for old internet graphics and decorate my web pages with them. just googling "free glitter graphics" gives you endless 2000s sites filled with those flashing sparkly gifs right at the top of the search results, since that style of image has gone out of fashion. it also helps me to try find new things that I actually do like, to remind myself the future isn't all bad, for example bands that are still active making good music, comics, books and tv shows that are recent but still pretty great, even fashion trends sometimes. I hope things get better for you soon, at our low points all we need to do is just try to survive. <3

Emo Pictures - XxDepressoEspressoxX
Posts: 2
Mar 05 2023, 03:59 AM

If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to reach out to me! I've experienced homelessness and near homelessness many times. I'm so very sorry that you are having a tough year so far. I'm wishing you the best !

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