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I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not, I'm far from lonely & it's all that I've got. All That I've Got, by The Used

Emo Song Lyrics - Helloween (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Your reaching out through bitter night searching for my hand. You know im there in the waste of shadows. Im your pain and friend."
    Shade In the Shadows, by Helloween
  • "If a mountain could talk it would tell us a story. To riegn in love means just how to say sorry. If an ocean could cry we would drown in it's tears. Dusk breaks to dawn which we can not survive without love."
    If A Mountain Could Talk, by Helloween
  • "When fate comes calling you. You don't know what to do. Behind the world we're livin' in there's so much more than we could know. There's one who loves you so..."
    Final Fortune, by Helloween
  • "I close my eyes so i dont have to see. I shut my heart and tell my mind to run and flee"
    As Long As I Fall, by Helloween
  • "May I argue? Is it all true? U forgive us? What is and was. Oh my God please look away! Mercy dont struck me ablow dont wanna know where the sinners go..."
    Where the Sinners Go, by Helloween
  • "I bann the light and I leave you blind if u try your eyes. I'm an enemy or trusty fellow in your wailing mind."
    Shade In The Shadows, by Helloween
  • "I hear ur silent cries. I'm the shade in the shadows. I know ur secret lies. I'm the shade in the shadows. And I cry for u in the shadows. As I always do in the shadows. In the shadows."
    Shade In The Shadows, by Helloween
  • "Music is like sunrise for me. Its joyfull like a trip in a time machine. Music is like sunrise for me. Its like comming home"
    Music, by Helloween

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