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It's funny 'til you left to kill yourself Latin Simone, by Gorillaz

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Travis Sizelove
28 / Male / eureka Illinois, United States
Pansexual / Single & Looking
Member since: May 15, 2013
Last online: Jan 24, 2014

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About Me

Here's a little about me.I'm usually an outgoing person I love to make new friends and love to chat.a long as you are nice I will be nice.don't make fun of me plz I get enough of that at school. Some of the things I'm into are music, video games of all sorts, hanging with friends, and much more if you want to chat with me you can kik me at EmoFriend I'm a friend to everyone unless you piss me off. And my Pinger number is 1-630-556-1248 feel free to text it

Favourite Music

Don't really have a favorite

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Favorite film is to save a life Favorite TV show is bleach My favorite boo series was the rangers apprentice there are 12 books

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet

I'd like to meet a nice person to be able to tell me anything and they would care. I am looking so pm me if you are interested in getting to know me.

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- Yup

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- I cut it all off

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- SWAG glasses

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- my beautiful smile

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- me

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May 21 2013, 04:57 AM
Private entry

May 21 2013, 04:57 AM

Go to sleep and close your eyes And dream of broken butterflies They tore their wings against a thorn You know the pain they have endured Silver metal shine so bright Scarlet blood that feels so right Dream of the blood trickling down And wake up just before you drown The moonlight shining off your tears As you bleed out your worst fears So tonight when you start to cry Whisper the cutters lullaby: Hushabye baby You're almost dead You don't have a pulse And your pillow is red Your family hates you Your friends let you bleed Sleep tight with a knife Cause it's all that you need Rockabye baby You're broken and scarred You didn't know life Would be this hard Time to end the Pain you hide so well And down will come baby Straight back to Hell This is how I feel almost everyday and look where I am I'm staying strong don't ever take your life its the worst thing you could ever do if you need help with something feel free to message me ok kik I'll answer ASAP my name is EmoFriend or you can private message me.don't ever take your life your worth more than that.

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