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I heard you were waisted and thinking ‘bout henpast again, darlin’ you’ll be okay Hold on till May, by Pierce The Veil

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Tantra Bower
31 / Female / Brighton, United Kingdom
Not Sure / In a Relationship
Member since: Feb 04, 2008
Last online: Oct 07, 2011

Current rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)

About Me

About me? I tend to be the weirdest of the bunch. There are a few people who I don't know what I'd do without in my life, I really wouldn't. I like to think I'm a friendly person who gets on well with people. I do speak my mind if someone raises an important issue though, whether they wish to listen to my on-going rant or not. :D
As you can tell, I'm in to a lot of Anime films. There's nothing better then sitting down watching a film with a nice cappuccino :D I do a lot of computer art, always loved anything to do with Media. :D

So go on, say hi! :D

Favourite Music

Saving Aimee
Tonight Is Goodbye
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Automatic
The Academy Is...
Mystery Jets
Escape The Fate
All Time Low
Metro Station
Flood Of Red
Inhale Exhale
The Devil Wears Prada
Story Of The Year
Slaves To Gravity
Glamour Of The Kill
Jet Lag Gemini
Billy Talent
The Metric Droid
Late Of The Pier
My Passion
Kill Hannah
I Am Ghost

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Tales From Earthsea
Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Spirited Away
The Mighty Boosh
Howl's Moving Castle
Fruits Basket
Love Hina
The Grudge
The Butterfly Effect
The Alex Rider Series
Harry Potter
Pendragon Series

Education / Occupation

Well, of course I'd like to be able to see the gorgeous Andy in person one day :D. Feel better soon sweetheart. <3
Want to see Evie more! :(

MSN - tantra.whore@hotmail.com
Email - tantra.bower@googlemail.com

soEmo.co.uk - UK Emo Community

soEmo.co.uk - UK Emo Community

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Apr 13 2008, 10:06 AM
Tantra ! It's Evie.. I'm back XD I can't upload a pic atm.. it's being gheyyyy. Argh ! 500 kb. Damn. All of mine are like, 900. xoxo.
Emo Pictures - OurAndy
Apr 11 2008, 12:04 PM
Hey :D This is becoming a regular intelligent discussion, I'm impressed, its been so long since I have found a hint of intelligence and someone with an opinion and outlook that is actually their own and not patched together ideas and opinions of others :D I agree with you on the profiles, if its an uninteresting profile, then people will find it uninteresting. At least with my own and yours (and xXeMoRaCeRXx's of course), there is a glimpse into 'us' and that there may be infact some depth and substance to who we are. Hehe, rants are fine, infact I believe they are positively healthy! Not letting the essence of the rant out can lead to built up anger and frustration! My belief is 'rant, rave, scream and shout' if you have something to say, some point of view that you feel should be heard, it is a crime against yourself not to express it. Hmmmm yes, I know what you mean, the 'so and so' added you as a friend, and I will admit I am somewhat guilty of just agreeing to the 'add', I feel it's the vain hope that perhaps the 'adder' has read my profile and thought 'wow, this adee's profile has captured my thoughts and I believe I would like to exchange thoughts and communications with this person'. Sadly 99% of the time as you so astutely suggest, its usually simply for "the count or the hell of it", there is always hope though I guess, as you appear to have proven :o) Aaaarrrggghhhh! the dreaded message "hi how r u?"! I agree with you so much on that message, it does make my bloody boil! (even though I will accept I have been guilty of using it sometimes myself) It always throws up questions for me such as 'you don't even know me, do you even care how I am!', I always think something along the lines of 'I read your profile and I can relate, I think it would be great to chat with you, here's my e-mail etc etc', would be so much more enlightening for the receiver. Hehe I bet that hurt as well with the text speak, I hope you had a cold compress for your brow and just sat quietly until the pain went away :P Haha with regard to the 'rambling', I have come up with a theory on the issue. 'It is my strong belief that 'rambling' is a necessary outlet caused by the overproduction of intelligent and meaningful thought(s) and opinion(s) that must be expelled otherwise permanent mental damage may be suffered by the rambler' - OurAndy, CyberEmo 11th April 2008 :D I am indeed, very much a guy who "lives in the moment", my personal and professional life are not planned in anyway, I decide on the spot, that minute, that hour, that day what it is I decide to do. Professionally it often frustrates my clients that I refuse to offer 'projections', 'project plans', 'estimations', the way I work is to go onto my clients site daily and do my work as it becomes clear, unfolds and molds on that particular day. That is the same as my personal life, I go on the basis of what transpires on that day and analyise how I can utilise what has been presented to me so that it can fit in with my desires and requirements at that moment. I will acknowledge it took me a good while of self 'conditioning' to be able to live my life in that way, but I make no hesitatation in confirming that the benefits to being able to think and feel that way are amazing! :D Tehehe, ahem yes I am somewhat of a "Computer Wizard", (Andy going to sound 'up himself' alert) I know how to talk to them, and they respect that I am able to 'bend them to my will'. My job is confusing, demanding, requires a focused mind, and the ability to think how computer systems 'interact' with each other *Andy breathes on his nails and then polishes them on his stereotypical 'Bape' hoodie that is keeping him nice and warm*. As far as impressing "the ladies", well I have a few admirers, fortunately most of them have now come to realise that rather than being the 'future father of their children', I am more likely to give them make-up tips, assist in nail polishing, advise them where they are going wrong with fashion and provide them with a far better recipe for quiche! :D Can you tell I am sterotyping and being just a little 'cliche' :P Aaaahhhhaaaa damn it!, I did spot the 'monies' spelling error just as I was posting the comment and frantically attempted to stop it, but alas there for all to see is my error! Well done for spotting it though and thank you for the compliment on my text speak. I suppose, with talking to people who, hmm shall we say perhaps don't appreciate 'full and intelligent conversation' it can become an easy process to fall into of 'dumbing it down'. No need to make any apologies and to be honest it is incrediably refreshing to have someone keep me 'on my toes'. "Intelligence and intellect deserves praise and compliments.", what's the phrase "Right Back Atcha!" (apologies for the abbreviation, it just seems apt, and I thought it would give you a smile). You are most welcome for the compliment, it is sincere and 'heart-felt', I find there is a distinct lack of people that I can have an intelligent exchange with in this society, you may have restored my 'hope' that all is not yet lost :p Glad you enjoy the concert(s), I have heard good things from friends about Kill Hannah, and you have reinforced that, I have been enjoying listening to a few of their tracks that my friend directed me to. I relate very much with the 'smaller venues', I can confidently say my best concert experiences have been at smaller venues, as you say, the band / artist is able to interact so much easier and intimately with the crowd. Hehehehehehe I can symathise with the "annoying twelve / thirteen year olds" and to a lesser extent the "emo's" who perhaps heard Falloutboy once or twice and just try to mold themselves because they think it 'looks cool', if you want to do it for you, then thats great, but don't mold yourself just to try and be something you really aren't! I have seen Good Charlette several times, I am sure you will have an amazing night :D I believe I have corrected my spelling and text speak now within my profile, I'm sure you will let me know if I've missed anything :D Awww thank you for agreeing with my 'Pet Hates', it's not often anyone agree's with me 100%, maybe that means you could even think like me! Hmmm I'm sure if I should hug you or warn you to get theropy :D Ask away with whatever you wish, I'm not shy when it comes to talking about me :p I actually realised I was 'Gay' 100% at about 10 days before my 15th Birthday, I had been curious and experimented for a few years before with my best friend in school, but that was when I had no doubt anymore, just before I was 15. However due to a rather strict religious background and upbringing, I attempted straight life, with a girlfriend until I finally 'came out' when I was 26. I, erm 'satisfied' my needs during the time I was with the girlfriend, but I did try with her and I do mean really tried, but it was never going to happen, and I just screwed myself up trying to fool myself, but 'expectation' from my family was somewhat intense! I did eventually get to the point where I couldn't do it anymore, I was disgusted with myself for denying who I was, so I had a glorious 'coming out' and have never looked back since, I am comfortable with me and my life and damn proud of who I am! Although there are a few 'on a rampage' moments, as a hot-pant clad dancer in a gay club that I don't tend to speak of anymore and deny any recollection of :-s Right, god damn even I am alarmed at the length of this comment, but 'hey ho' Take care sweetness X <3
Emo Pictures - xXxChrisJWxXx
Apr 11 2008, 11:01 AM
Hey, long time no talk. How you doing? How's school and home and stuff? Sorry I'm not on any more but I'm going to try to be, just so much going on, sorry. Take care ok, hope I hear from you soon. x.Chris.x
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Apr 10 2008, 10:58 AM
Yea they were all pretty good. Could have played better sets though.. xx
Emo Pictures - OurAndy
Apr 10 2008, 03:58 AM
Hey Definately agree with you thats the point of a profile, I do find it disappointing when people don't at least try to give you some idea about themselves. I always think, why create a profile on a site if your not going to fill the profile in :s Hehe, yes I do tend to write a lot, I have to get the chaos in my head down whilst it makes sense before it degrades back to nonsense again :D Hmmm yes as I said sometimes my 'honesty' does get me into trouble, and I have upset people in being so honest, not intentially though. I have calmed down somewhat from how I used to be, I didn't pull any punches so to speak. Now I do, if only for a moment stop and consider the impact. Yes the lovely snakebites indeed, I know I shall just have them one day, it will be spare of the moment decisions probably whilst walking past a piercings place or something. Most things I do tend to be rather spontaneus like that, I don't do planning very well :p My official (snobby) title is 'Technical Architect', posh I.T. Engineer is my preferred description. I design computer networks for companies, right from the network points on the wall to the how their servers need to be configured.....It's very dull and boring but I work a standard Monday to Friday 9 to 5, the monies good and I can do it standing on my head :p Apologies for the 'text' speak in my former comment, I will admit I get lazy typing and start abbreviating :D Awww thank you for the compliment, from your profile and comments, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and you're definately cool! :D Tut tut tut indeed! Me and Vodka have had a long and empassioned love affair :s. Hope your concert was good!? Yes my playlist will be a work in progress, there was quite a few tracks I couldn't find last night, and then I got bored to be honest :P Thankies, you have a good one too hun XxX P.S. Blimey I have rambled on a bit in this comment, even by my standards! :D
Emo Pictures - OurAndy
Apr 09 2008, 01:49 PM
Ohhh!! 4got 2 say, cool profile, & I took the time 2 read it 2 :D.....& cool playlist, u hav rather a lot of my fav tracks on there :D x
Emo Pictures - OurAndy
Apr 09 2008, 11:10 AM
Hey hey! :D Thankies, I do try 2 fill profiles in & I like 2 try & give ppl as gud an idea bout me as I can in my profile, not that I really understand me or the stuff that goes on in my head but I like 2 get down the bits that do makes sense :) and extra thankies 4 takin the time 2 read it......totally agree wiv ya on the 'What's the point of lying?' I always appreciate honesty from ppl, I'm always honest with every1, no matter if its gud or bad, does get me in bother sumtimes :D. I'm ok ta, slowly pickling myself from excessive consumption of vodka :D Debatin gettin snakebites done this week as well, just considering the desire 2 get them against the 'will it b appropriate 4 work?' thing....but seein as I don't like work very much I will probably just think sod it 1 day & get em done :D Hows it goin 4 u hun X
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Apr 09 2008, 10:13 AM
Oh great hope you have a good time. I saw Aiden at Taste of Choas not all that long ago. Went to a gig last night - Everytime I Die, Scary Kids Scaring Kids & Drop Dead Gorgeous. Proper screamo haha x
Emo Pictures - E-K-J
Apr 09 2008, 08:16 AM
Omg! Aren't you fucking lucky! Jelous much xD I have been good thanks muchly... You? p.s. posters are getting good :)
Emo Pictures - Katie-Baybee
Apr 08 2008, 06:06 AM
Hey, You really pretty y'no? Just thought i'd say hi [=
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