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Cause if you jump, I will jump too. We will fall together, from the building's ledge. Never looking back at what we've done, we'll say it was love. Cause I would die for you. On Skyway Avenue. Skyway Avenue, by We The Kings

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William Welsh
25 / Male / Over the Rainbow (~=-=)~, United States
Gay/Lesbian / Single
Member since: May 04, 2013
Last online: Feb 09, 2016

Current rating: 10.0/10 (1 votes cast)

About Me

~(0.0)~ ~(0.0)~ ~(0.0)~HELLOS~(0.0)~ ~(0.0)~ ~(0.0)~
Hey, My Name is William. AND!!! I am an Iridescent Bubble ^~^

Du du du.. Dun mind me
Ill just be singing to mah cat c:                    Oranges!
Why?.... Because I can ^~^

I'm a strange little thing sometimes ;-;
I'm a weird person too ;-;
I can be mature Haeven ;-;
I'm me c:

Silly sharks ;-;               I lurv mah hair, tis just so soft *~*
*Hits in the face with surfboard*        Why ppl be touchin mah hair D:
Awwe Yeah cx                                  Shoo Shoo ;-;
Keep yo hands off ma hair boi ;-;

I'm a pretty tolerant person ;-;
I gets defensive ;-;
I usually stay out of peoples lil fights -.-

Did I mention i'm gay?
Yeah buddy ^~^                                I'm sooo riding on my Highway Unicorn cx
Oh, and just so we're clear...                 And i'm on the road to love ^~^
Gay = I HEART PAYNUS!!               Then some shiz about a flag in my bra??
Well... otay den 0.0                                                                       

I really is a nice person cx 
I'll talk to anyone really cx
Just don't act like an 8 year old kid -.-
Be yourself and be CRAY CRAY!!

"Well lets see what can I tell you..                 I'm really into astronomy cx
Life in the wide world goes on..                            Look at dat sexy sky
Much as it has this past age..                         I'm also really into writing
 Full of its own comings and goings.."   I like to write poems and short stories 
0.0........wait....... Thats Gandalf 0.o nvm cx

Well.. Dafuq am I suppose to tell chu now 0.o
I has 5 dogs and I have one cat c:
One Chihuahua, one Terrier, three German Shepherds
And.. One fat fluffy kitteh..
Le cat totally runs the house cx

ERMAGERD!! Ima freak cx
Why? Cause D: I don't get cold ;-; (Wut???)      *Rolls around in snow*
Yup ;-; my thin bootay don't cold cx                *Starts wiggling around* ?? 0.o
I be outside in below freezing weather        *Summons a yeti* Ok too far D:
With no jacket what so ever cx 

Also, hey ;-; you still here? Good cx
I dun get sick either 0.o 
I get sick maybe 2 times a year?
Nothing ever worse than a cold *~*
~Titansteel Immune System~ (idek cx)

Ima also a fast learner..
*Climbs meh purple tree*                    I remember and understand things
*twerks in meh tree*                                        Academically anyway ;-;
*Looks at you* twerks wif meh?        I can be slow when it comes to stuffy stuff

Well.. Lets talk about pwetty colours cx
I like monster green most c:
I like a dark n Shiny purple 2nd
I likes a deep blue 3rd cx

I LIKE!!! - My hair, My music, My friends <3, Writing, Singing (to myself), soemo.co.uk <3, Talking to friends cx, kindness c:, Hugs ~(^.^)~, cuddles <3, Sleep, and probably other stuff cx.

I DUN LIKE!!! - Yelling D:, Arguments xc, Haters ;-;, Fake people, cheater cheater pumpkin eaters ;c, when my hair is all curly ._., when shiz messes mah hair up D;, so... yurr 

CaptainCrombie is the father
Of my children
Because dis guy decided to lie 
about wearing a condom
Just because I faked an Orgasm
So he no pull out and he be the father of our 2 cute, gorgeous children u.u


I'm tingling in places I didn't know existed

I'll be a princess Die and die with you
Get to know me? 
Add meh on Facebook
^~^ Magic <~~ https://www.facebook.com/william.t.welsh ~~> Magic ^~^

If you're gunna kik me, ima kick you back damn it ;-;


I am vury iridescent b1tch35 e_e
Oh, my. 

What! What are this? Who dafuq are yew?? Stahp reading me! I'm not exposing my secrets for yew!! Begone! Go. Pls n0. You must leaf. Who are this, what are you. Well to start atm I'm starring at my purple pen and wondering if I'll get in trouble for playing pierce the veil really loud in class but I really don't care nugga e_e. 
Have you ever noticed those really blonde people or really gingery
people don't have eye brows??? O.O
Dafuq is up with dat, like, paint something on there ;-;
Why can't I log on Facebook D:( stupid school wifi. Suck ma dick brah.
You don't know me. You can see me. /.
Oliver stop moaning. 
What? What happened to my other hair tie?? I can't take the loss, it was
my favourite green one and now I'm gunna die. This is too tragic. More tragic than Shakespeare's Hamlet. Oh, my. Owl city..... Owls don't live in fooking cities do they? They live in wherever the fuck they live. Don't tell me e_e I know this one. It's from that one show with that one thing about that person and yeah ;-;
Oh who cares, around the next couple seasons someone will be
pregnant and it will become some drama sheet. I'm just making my assumption based on THATS WHAT HAPPENS TO EVERY SHOW. GAWD. Now what? Oh. The teacher is yelling at me atm. Lel. No bitch I will not get off my iPod. *punches her in the boob* huehuehue jk. I'm just going to ignore her like always. 
Omfg where's da fewd!! D:( I am hungry and need my stuff. I want the
poptarts, I want the Asian food, I want the coffee. I know where it is and I'm going to get it. Just gunna get out my car and.. Wait e.e I don't drive. Mark you drive me pls. I pay you in gewd fewd. Just need to go to the store and plank in the parking lot and hope that angry Mexican bitch doesn't try to fucking run me down again. That's not vury nice. So what. I'll just keep on throwing shoes at the old lady till she drops the last pink charger cause bitch I saw it first. Go watch the daily news and eat crackers while I sit and listen to my iPod and shit. I don't know. Omfg wtf are this? What am I talking about? It's 12 15 and I think there's an earthquake going on! Oh, wait, nu ;-; I'm just slightly hyper and a bit bouncy e_e o.e omg can I watch frozen? I'll just watch it illegally online like always. What do you mean I'm not a girl??? Sure I am. I get told it on a daily basis ^~^ I'M A PRETTY GURL. No. Lel. I am a gai boi and I wished for a planet full of uni- NO! I wish for a planet of fewd and fun little dinosaurs that aren't too big so they like can't kill me and stuff but. Yeah. Haha! My teacher leafs me in the classroom alone cause she says she trusts me not to mess with stuff >.> *starts twerking* NO STAHP D:( you're ruining the moment. Who are you now? I don't know. Idc. Just Gimmie some like doughnuts or something and be my best friend. Oh holy jizz balls my feet are tingling x.x
What the hell? Boi watch you mouth or I'll make you choke on a hairless car! Car? That was totally autocorrect. Not be. I spell like oh hot damn
. Nugga stahp moving around I can't focus. Why do you do this to me? I'll just go bake some cookies like cause I can and stuff. Don't be jelly your can't have any. I'll share with a few people sure but.. What the hell why is Taylor Swift playing? I want GaGa D:( A hybrid can withstand these things my heart can beat with bricks and strings my ARTPOP could mean anything. What the hell does that mean? What's anything? Does it mean it's going to burn my toast?? Bitch! Shut up. You don't know how to work the tv you tech tard. Don't you dare say that. My music is not weird. Just listen to that wub wub wub wub.. ZOIDBURG! He goes wub wub too. Just ask that thing. So who are you? Boy? Girl? Both? Octopus? I'm sorry but I don't support octopuses. Why? Because they're fucking sucky sucky and creepy creepy. What? You say I suck? Oh why yes I do c; but that is besides the point. I cannot allow more than 5 people into my conversations or I'm like all zffuguvihoaydkkgwjtk SHUT UP D:(
I don't speak that language you sexual taco. Yes I am quite sexual but
that doesn't mean I can't make a mean sammich. It's so mean it'll make you sick probably ;-; do you have a strong stomach? Then eat catfood! I do not approve of the way you blast off into space like you own the place. Sit yo arse down and learn about this bitch you don't even know yet. I swear I'm not high. I'm not even that drunk so Gimmie a bit of credit and I'll meet you at the usual spot to pick up my shipment. You're so famous. Okay. Well that's enough for now. I think I have to go make some bitches scream. Nugga wtf you saying? Oh. I'm jk. I must go to my teacher and do something involving punching them in the bewb. Omfg we talked about this. It's not nice to hot! Last Friday night, yeah I don't know I was doing something of course. Why you ask? No! Bad! Stop drinking from the sink you iguana. That's totally not your colour. It makes you look like a skank. No babe I'm just kidding you. You look fab. Now get the fuck off my lawn before I call the cops!! Oh can I have juice or something? I don't know. Bitch stop knocking I'm not answering. Gawd. So fooking annoying. I doughnut approve of this little thing you call the trumpet. That nugga is noisy. Oh wow there's people in here. Why do they always smell? Like oh, my. Stahp with the beeping. I can't take it. It's not gunna fly. *starts dancing* ;-;
Oh can I have some money to run away with a candle lit house fire? Just give it to me. I don't care. I love eet.
Oh wow, such tummy ache, much oww, such not fun, wow. Idek, pls, Just let it sink in e.e Holy crap i think I got a blister on my hand :c I was only writing 8 pgs of notes homes T.T It was for dat Shakespeare class yoo. I'm like over 4 weeks behind and I got like so caught up tonight e.e My hand really hurts T.T Such sore. Oh wow dead leg x.x Now my shoulder is hurting?? Dafuq is going on here D: 
That owwy ;-; Oh hey look it's Indy. Hey Indy do you wanna go for a ride in the cannon? Course you do. I mean what else you gunna do? Watch reruns of Friends all weekend? What a weenie e.e My eyes gunna be so big yoo. Dat dialation and what not, idk, shut up. Pls, I'll write my name somewhere weird but you have to guess where it is e.e It's in the place where all things are hidden.. Yes, that's write. Under your matress. Shush, you know it's true. Know what else is true? Your face in the planter. You need to help the seeds grow by kissing them 4 times then dancing in an ancient tribal circle. JK YOO! Who the hell has time for that? I mean, like I'd rather be exercising.. Yeah, exercising e.e Now it's your turn, write my name on your test so I get credit yoo. Like hell i'm gunna be doing it, come on, It's not like I'm from Arizona T.T Pls, I'm from California and what not. Yoo my legs hurt fool, been sitting for 17 years. And I've spend another 10 years hanging from the ceiling cause I can yoo. Don't tell me how to live my life, Huehuehue I'm not 27. 
Pls. Don't hit the breaks, your seatbelt isn't on. You might go flying through the windshield.. That would be bad, Especially if you died. Dying is bad for your health. It like, kills you dead man. Once you're dead you can't go on and keep collecting water bottles. Yeah it's a weird thing to collect but he likes it. Who is he? He's whoever I damn say he is. Okay? Okay. So he's that clown that lives under your bed. He only comes out at night to stroke your face. Fuck yes that's creepy. That's hella creepy. Just cling on and hold on tight cause if you don't you'll get lost on your way out. Out of where? Out of the forest man. Why can't you stahp? I needed that part for the time machine to get us home. No we're 100 years in the future. Everyone is a fucking Ginger.. 
That would be hot if it wasn't really fucking creepy to see them everywhere. Okay, this piece of a bilboard should work just fine. Okay, It's ready, back in time we go. We made it, now let's climb Mount Everest! Cause it's fun that's why D:< You know you wanna e.e God spinning makes you really dizzy man. Like, look down, put your hand on the back of your head, put a little pressure, spin 10 times, let go. DIZZY AS FAK!! Not fun on a full tummy though. Oh, I didn't eat. Oh well, then I won't be too sick? Perhaps. 
What are we suppose to do now that it stopped counting D: That clock is all we had to tell us who to sacrifice next :c Well I hope it all works out okay cause you won't have much more time e.e Not much time to safe all the baby penguins :c Now get comfy and enjoy yoo ^~^

Favourite Music

Stuffy stuff ;-;
More stuffy stuff ;-;
Well ;-; My favorite bands are... 
A Day Away,
 A Day to Remember,
   All Time Low,
    Asking Alexandria,
     Attack Attack!,
      Black Sabbath,
    Boys Like Girls,
   Bring me the Horizon,
  Bullet for My Valentine, 
 Carolina Liar,
   David Guetta,
    Driving East,
     Escape the Fate,
     Every Avenue,
    Eyes Set to Kill,
   Falling in Reverse,
  Foo Fighters,
 Four Year Strong,
Go Radio,
 Hey Monday,
  Hit the Lights,
   Hope Dies Last,
    Houston Calls,
     I Am the Pilot,
      I Call Fives,
     Imagine Dragons,
    In Fear and Faith,
  Katy Perry,
 Last Winter,
Lindsey Stirling,
  Mayday Parade,
   Miss May I,
    Modern Day Escape,
     Motionless in White,
      My Darkest Days,
     New Found Glory,
    Of Mice & Men,
   Owl City,
  Ozzy Osbourne,
 Sleeping With Sirens,
 Pierce the Veil,
     Secondhand Serenade,
      Set Your Goals,
    Snow White's Poison Bite,
   Take Cover,
  The All American Rejects,
 The Offspring,
The Relapse Symphony,
 The Story So Far,
  The Word Alive,
   Tonight Alive,
Dun judge meh or I wont share my tree with you ;-;

Favourite Films / TV / Books

-The Walking Dead- -Doctor Who-   -Law and Order: SVU-  -Lost Girl-   -Warehouse 13- -Family Guy-   -Revenge-   -Once Apon a Time-  -Bleach <3-   -D-Grey Man-  -NCIS- -Roswell- -Friends- -American Dad- -Cougar Town-
-Lord of the Rings-   -The hobbit-   -Serenity- 

Bleach 4: Hell Verse
Who else be looking forward to the Hobbit in Dec?   
I likes Horror n Comedies                                                                                                           
i absolutely LOVE watching horrible sifi movies                                                                            
Books I guess
The Stand
Lord of the Rings 
The Hobbit
I'm a fan of some Shakespeare ~(=-=~)
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Twelfth Night
Romeo & Juliet 
Pls ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;

Education / Occupation

College m8 ;-;

Who I'd Like To Meet

YOU!!!!I can see this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;D 
Mother Monster

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Sep 02 2013, 09:01 AM
Oh, so I heard it was your birthday...xD Well, I think it's yours, anyway.. Happy Birthday, 'ave yourself a nice day, and stuff. :P
Sep 02 2013, 08:41 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I SENT YOU LE PICTURE :D Willy Wonka have a nice damn birthday. I WILL TAKE ALL YOUR TREES. JK, I wont ;c I'll be nice and give you lots of things. You are an amazing person Willy. You care about others and you're really nice. Just want to say thanks for being there for me and not thinking i'm whiny when i go to you for help. Thank you so much Willy Wonka. :D
Emo Pictures - __Kiss_o_Death__
Aug 23 2013, 08:20 AM
*Opens it and eats it*
Emo Pictures - __Kiss_o_Death__
Aug 11 2013, 06:53 PM
Emo Pictures - DannyHumpsRainbows_-
Jul 03 2013, 01:10 AM
why you so cute cx
Emo Pictures - rainbow_whatever
Jun 30 2013, 09:50 AM
yes, he is my homie ;3 heheheheheehhehehehwjekfgjshg <-- de fuqk
Emo Pictures - DannyLovesJake
Jun 14 2013, 07:44 PM
Hahah. c: Awe I thought you were serious :\
Emo Pictures - DannyHumpsRainbows_-
Jun 07 2013, 09:47 PM
Sorry D: i'm back x3
Jun 01 2013, 08:59 AM
ERMAHGERD. You like Doctor Who. We are instant best buddies! X'D Wibbly wobbly timey wimey:')
May 18 2013, 07:54 PM
Thankxz :) :3
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- Dat face ;-;

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- Yum ;-;

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- Bored at sk00l

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- UNF *-* Smaug

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- Face ;-;

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- For Riley Turtle &lt;3

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