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Emo lyricsDays to turn to nights I wish on the stars in the sky. Be careful of the brightest, beauty is on the insideEmo song lyrics
(Hawthorne Heights - breathing in sequence)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - xXxpurplepandaxXx

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They Tell Me Not To Do It But The Voices In My Head Tell Me I Should.

Name: Werro Loko
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Forever Alone
Location: Opium Land, United States
Member Since: May 10, 2015
Last Login: Nov 24, 2020

About Me

Just a lonely clingy needy alt boy from Cali with no friends basically whatsoever 

Bad choices in the past 🥺 but I haz a big heart UwU
Favorite color is Navy Blue 
Hate fakes and bullies 
Favorite console is the ps2 
Favorite game is kingdom hearts any of them or Pokémon or call of duty or gta in that order any of any of those except the newest Pokémon games except the ones on switch idk never played them all gta games are awesome even the ones for ps1 but duck gta China town wars 
SVR:2011 and 2012 for the ps3 and infamous:2 and gta:4 
The movie half baked American dad family guy futurama stoner comedies fort minor three days grace Miw Eminem botdf Bmth bvb Ben ten spongebob and South Park and almost ever Pokémon and Zelda game for the wii and nds was my child hood 
Major stoner took my first bong hit before I could read 
Recovering addict would have been almost three years clean off the worst substances but one slip up resets the time so I got about one year clean maybe one and a half
Gonna attempt to quit smoking tobacco at some point still a major tripper love me my girl Lucy an her best friend 
Mary Jane #420KeepInItLit707ToTha760
#X3Extracts up and coming CO2 Extract enthusiasts 
Used to work for Something Good Extracts but I’m off doing my own thing now,
🙏🏻 God bless them 🙏🏻 For All They Did For Me 🙏🏻 
Light skinned mixed Mexican actually a cholo,
My momma so dark you would think she was black if you didn’t know my grandma was in the klan back in the day 
No I’m not racist just spit it how it is I wouldn’t have a mixed child most likely for his or her sake,
All the crap I get for being mixed makes me think it’s a bad idea,
Can’t program with the blacks whites or the Hispanics in lock up cause I’m a light skinned Mexican 
I have 5 tattoos and three that didn’t stick well two of the three that didn’t stick you wouldn’t know unless I told you 
My pics are kinda old so just DM me for new ones this is not my device so I’m not gonna take pics and save them cause the iCloud and I’m not sure how it works,
I listen to all sorts of music almost a little of everything depending on my mood 
I've been diagnosed with IEM, Social anxiety at a severe level 
My paper work Said ADD/ADHD idk if that means I got both or if there both the same, 
No GED but I plan to get it one day 
Dropped out school the summer of 6th grade 
I can almost bench press my own weight but I can’t even do you good sit up I can run fast but not for long or I feel like I’m dying 
I got  diagnosed by a state mandated psychiatrist almost two years ago as a psychopath if you don’t know when that means and are just guessing what it means from what you think you know you should google it 
I’m legally “incompetent”  according to the state I’m from 
The psychiatrist said I have impulsive explosive disorder substance abuse disorder post traumatic stress disorder social anxiety and add/adhd And Said I was delusional and suffered from paranoid schizophrenic delusions and hear things but I don’t i was on the phone with head phones in and a social worker thought I was talking to myself and on drugs
My hairs long asf it would of been down to my waist and then some but it got cut off in the psych ward because it was  supposedly a “flight risk”
I’m a fat boy when I’m sitting I got a beer belly when I’m standing I almost got abs when I lay down I look petite 
Still STD free god bless me 🙏🏻 
If you like scars you will love me I’m scarred head to toe down to my soul even some pretty knarly amdomen scars no I won’t tell you how I got them every time I do people get scared off yes you can touch them �'��'�🥺
Defiantly need new friends always I have trouble keeping friends and making them 
If you ask me for money at all and we have not met in person and at least kicked it once.. we’ll just don’t cause even if I got a decent wad of cash it’s mine I worked hard for it and I’m not giving it away to no random even if you cute 
Please no Hoes thots skanks or sluts not even if you just tryna be my hoe 
I have no need for hoes and I’m not actively looking to date at the moment just friends meetups smoke buddies FaceTime buddies 
And to either give or receive emotional support could definitely use a small support circle to talk to when I’m having bad choices in my conscious as I said removing addict tried to quit multiple times but it’s easy to say fuck it 
Over a year sense I cut myself I did self harm a lil cause I got into my feelings over a female but it was just two burns with a torch 
Now when I start to get attached there’s a good chance I will distance myself to avoid being hurt again 
I don’t do nudes I’m content with my sex toys and internet porn 🤷‍♂️
I don’t send them either cause fugh dat if you wanted it that bad get at me in person 
Still a virgin and proud no judgement here or you will be blocked so quick 
I been in and out the system sense I was 6 or 7 
I’m a product of the state they helped create me 
I was born sooo sooo sooo fucking early my parents referred to me as “the miracle child”
I got Instagram @Suspect.pys is my one I use to filter people if you chill you can get my main,
Im not new here I just been locked up and out the states or off the grid for a cool minute 
Catch me rocking all start black converse with thick chuck laces navy blue baby cause this that bay life baby 
If you chubby or pudgy and like Pokémon three days grace or kingdom hearts DM me Immediately 🤷‍♂️ Chubby peeps is where it’s at tho dad bods and mom bods shyt I like modelos food and tacos too 
I like getting babied 😂 One hour I’m subbing the next I’m feeling like a dom shitt varies by my mood 
I will try anything once to see if I like it sometimes two or three times to make sure I either do or don’t like it 
Im learning to be a massage therapist and I’m really into books by Kurt Saxon and sun tzu or Robert green 
I suck at math but I’m into language arts I’m a aspiring musician and tye dye artist 
I draw graffiti often but I can’t do anything except letter and numbers 
I can fit everything that I own in the whole world into 2 backpacks .. 
never dyed my hair except one time and it’s all been cut sense I have been clean shaven bald before like a baby’s bottom 
Didn’t like it to many people thought I was a white supremacist I’m not thought 
Aspiring street pharmacist spreading love and light world wide 
You should look up the law of a attraction you get what you give 
The universe gives those in need what they truly need never feed your selfish greed �'� 
God don’t like ugly 
Inner peace is the key to true happiness 
You cannot truly and successfully love another if you can’t even love yourself 
And you can not really be happy with someone else if you can’t be happy by yourself 
He’ll yeah bitch I talk to myself he’ll nah I’m not crazy 
Lonely needy clingy stoned skater boy with trust issues and sometimes mommy issues 🙏🏻🤷‍♂️🥺�'��'�

Favourite Music

To much to name one by one but you can check out my sound cloud likes links at the bottom of my page 

Favourite Films & TV

Depends on my mood always down for a good documentary or adult comedy 

Love love love me some Pokémon and Danny phantom sometimes I still fuck with spongebob 
I have seen every episode of 
Family guy 
American dad 
Solar opposites 
Mama named me sherif 
Son of zorn 
Ancient aliens 
Pokémon indigo league 
Pokémon black and white 
And rick and morty 
I watch a lot of big booty porn  not gonna lie 😂😂 sometimes I just sit there and watch it

Favourite Books

I’ll name a few..

The poor mans James Bond 1-5 
The art of war sun tzu 
The art of war Robert green 
The art of seduction Robert green 
Used to love the goosebumps series 
I’ll still read them or fable haven if I’m in a long car ride with no phone or WiFi or when I’m locked up 
The lies of lock lamore is a awesome series too you should check it out 
So is 

Games Criminals Play: How You Can Profit by Knowing Them

That’s all I’m share here on books for now you should def look them all up

Education / Occupation

full time cuddle junkie and recoving addict working on bettering myself and staying clean everyday 

Part time street therapist and MMJ grower after I have 2 yrs clean. I’m welcome to go back to work at X3Extracts
Full time loner 

Who I'd Like To Meet

Some cool kind people 

Or a toxic big tiddy goth gf 🥺�'��'� 
Or my future mommy dom I’m verse but still I’m a clingy little fucker pretty often at least a few hours a day 
Love affection even though I never get none 
Not afraid to show it either just lil shy at first but once I warm up to you it’s on like 01 

My Links


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Alcoholandpills - soEmo.co.uk

May 17 2018, 09:55 PM

Please check out this amazing animation someone made! It has so few view for what it worths! Maybe you will like it :D
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Apr 24 2018, 08:19 AM

Welcome back!
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2015, 10:38 AM

Thanks for the add :]
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2015, 10:17 AM

Heya xXxpurplepandaxXx welcome to soEmo.co.uk

Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Even create a journal if you like...

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