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Could you close your eyes and never say “never”? Or would you call this the end of the road? I'm running out of memories, a shell of what I used to be As this curse drains the life out of me Jonathan, by Ice nine kills

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Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Posts: 18238
Movies that made you cry? Mar 19 2014, 05:35 PM
None really for me that I can remember anyway. How about you?


Posts: 17
Mar 19 2014, 08:37 PM
Old Yeller (Only animals can make em feel like that)
Emo Pictures - DizzyDotRocks
Posts: 830
Mar 21 2014, 12:26 PM
I can't remember a film where I've cried. I've cried several times at Doctor Who and Torchwood though.
Emo Pictures - -_-x
Posts: 543
Apr 11 2014, 10:44 AM
The movies that made me cry were the Doctor Who Specials (They're long like movies), Artificial Intelligence. At the end when David spends the last day with his mom, it always get me. E.T., when I thought the alien was going to die. The movie Click when Adam Sandler gets really old and dies. Breaking Dawn Two when Carlisle dies in the fight. Almost everything in Titanic. Especially when Jack dies. Lol.
Emo Pictures - Undead_Nightmare
Posts: 824
Apr 13 2014, 03:58 PM
The last season finale of My Mad Fat Diary. The end to Marley and Me where Marley dies. That gets me every time.
Emo Pictures - Xolivia-von-sodomyX
Posts: 510
Apr 13 2014, 07:24 PM
the notebook
Emo Pictures - Kamikazeke
Posts: 78
Apr 13 2014, 07:38 PM
The first Pokémon movie when Ash is tuned to stone XD I know, Im lame :p
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Posts: 18238
Apr 14 2014, 02:18 PM
Bambi :D
Emo Pictures - hiding_in_the_dark
Posts: 313
Apr 14 2014, 04:20 PM
Cyberbully, and the anime Angel beats (last episode)
Posts: 7
Apr 15 2014, 10:58 AM
Finding Nemo and Gran Torino
Posts: 2
Apr 20 2014, 11:11 AM
em... Titanic , Romeo & Juliet and The Last Song c'x
Posts: 3
May 01 2014, 11:17 AM
broke back mountain made me cry it was beautiful
Emo Pictures - Autumn_rose
Posts: 50
May 07 2014, 12:41 AM
The boy in the striped pyjamas So sad
Emo Pictures - Kate
Posts: 4199
Nov 30 2014, 02:35 PM
War Horse.
Posts: 71
Dec 02 2014, 05:58 AM
Titanic, Tinkerbell, Schindler's List, The Pianist, Harry Potter, Purple Rain. The list goes on. :p
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Posts: 18238
Dec 02 2014, 02:39 PM
^WHy Harry Potter?
Emo Pictures - AliceHeartnet
Posts: 101
Dec 02 2014, 03:05 PM
Jim Carrey's Bruce Almighty
Posts: 71
Dec 02 2014, 04:01 PM
Harry Potter is my favourite, so when all the characters I loved the most died I cried a bit :P
Emo Pictures - lifemakesmesick
Posts: 3
Dec 02 2014, 04:37 PM
a few... hachiko was pretty hard. And suicide room.
Emo Pictures - emo_charlie
Posts: 23
Dec 05 2014, 08:10 AM
Cyberbully - saddest film I've seen & Marley And Me
Posts: 26
Apr 05 2015, 09:38 AM
Grave of The Fireflies. It's an anime but seriously it just is one of those movies that once you have watched it, it takes alot to have the guts to watch it again

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