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This is my word Heartbreaker, gatekeeper I’m feeling far away, I’m feeling right there Smoke And Mirrors, by Imagine Dragons

Emo Song Lyrics - A Static Lullaby (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Can a song replace a broken heart? Now can a song replace broken love? No"
    A Song For A Broken Heart, by A Static Lullaby
  • "So let go, don't jump in and oh well, what you waiting for? And it's alright because there's beauty in the breakdown"
    Let Go, by A Static Lullaby
  • "Cauterize these open wounds, the burning flesh the smell of these past 5 years. Paralyzed with no will to move the killing grounds, the stakes of these past 5 years, these past 5 years."
    Hang 'em High, by A Static Lullaby

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