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I'm too depressed to go on, You'll be sorry when I'm gone Adam's Song, by Blink 182

Emo Song Lyrics - Alesana (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I don’t wanna leave because you are ecstasy I never wanna leave because you feel like ecstasy A seduction becoming a part of me Damn you!Temptation,you’ve got a hold on me Stand up,walk away,don’t fall into the trap"
    The Goddess, by Alesana
  • "Saw your eyes today, in a memory painted in the sky. You smiled and said to me a love like this can never truly die..."
    Hymn for the shameless, by Alesana
  • "What fate has led me here, Oh please forgive me dear. I don't know if I could survive on my own. I could have married you, Instead I buried you, Now we'll see if I can fall asleep alone. "
    A Lunatic's Lament, by Alesana
  • "Everywhere I look there’s agony and pain.. What’s the point of fighting when there’s nothing to save?"
    Vestige, by Alesana
  • "tonight, its over...at long last we will fall ruins will fight in our stead"
    Nero's Decay, by Alesana
  • "Beautiful you know you leave me breathless when You fall into my eyes My heart belongs to you my angel There is just no reason for you to let Life bring you down Please come with me and let me show you"
    All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace, by Alesana
  • "screams of lust we cry, tonight are you are, everything. your everything, your everything to (screamo) me!"
    apology, by Alesana
  • "I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight, help me get over you."
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "black engulfs the dying light as he falls on frail wings of vanity and wax"
    icarus, by Alesana
  • "Life is meaningless without you, love can be such a beautiful torture. My heart breaks as I long for you, love can be such lovely torture."
    As You Wish, by Alesana
  • "A most deep and subtle poison welcomes her unblinking eyes to eternal sleep."
    Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming, by Alesana
  • "You better get the coffins out, trust me kid that's where you're sleeping tonight."
    This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream, by Alesana
  • "Cries escape your sweet voice as I kiss you one last time."
    Seduction, by Alesana
  • "I stare blindly into my reflection a piece of me lost... I am terrified that I cannot breathe without you"
    Not A Single Word About This, by Alesana
  • "As you build your dreams on my shattered hopes I'll look back on a day once loved and fantasize for tragedy"
    Congratulations, I Hate You, by Alesana
  • "your empty words now drift away as fragile whispers, I saw the day when the fire left your eyes, your tongue fell still your treason is silence...take everything away from me silent angel"
    This Conversation Is Over, by Alesana
  • "Sweat drips in my eyes, screams of lust we cry tonight you are everything, you're everything..."
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "I love you are meaningless words that slip away as I slit your throat, and I will slit your throat "
    Endings Without Stories, by Alesana
  • "I hope I never see the end I hope I never have to live without her comfort but for now she dies... oh Rome! so full of majesty, you're gone..."
    Nero's Decay, by Alesana
  • "I lose myself in anguish, for tonight. Help me get over you."
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "I feel like you will always be such a tragic part of me, ecstasy, you torture me. <3"
    Curse of the Virgin Canvas, by Alesana
  • "Days fade away but guilt still burns inside of me. I feel as if I am responsible. Why can't I realize just how the pieces seem to fit? I feel as if I am responsible."
    A Most Profound Quiet, by Alesana
  • "What fate has led me here... Oh please forgive me dear I don't know if I could survive on my own (my own) I could have married you instead I buried you Now I will see if I can fall asleep alone (alone)"
    A Lunatic's Lament, by Alesana
  • "Sweat drips in my eyes. Screams of lust we cry. Tonight you are everything. You're everything. You're everything to me."
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "I can't help believing in you... The idea of beauty leaves me enslaved Say you'll stay for tonight And I promise you this will be the last "
    Not a Single Word About This, by Alesana
  • "Your truth is a deception meant to poison me Take everything away from me silent angel Leave me nothing to remind me of this time now lost "
    This Conversation is Over, by Alesana
  • "Never knew that silence could cut so deep, or that you could twist the blade, Now I curse all of your beautiful lies.. I love you and goodbye... "
    The Last Three Letters, by Alesana
  • "Were the last words that I wrote for you enough to tell you that in my death the light that shone through my painful darkness was a blinding vision of your eternal smile "
    The Last Three Letters, by Alesana
  • "Choke on the lies that were your last goodbye"
    Goodbye, Goodnight for Good, by Alesana
  • "Sweat drips in my eyes Screams of lust we cry Tonight, you are, everything You're everything... You're everything to me "
    Apology, by Alesana

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