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The thought of losing it all will haunt me, I am choking on these words the last words you ever spoke. The healing, by Bleed From Within

Emo Song Lyrics - Anna Blue (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "When I Look outside my window The sky is always gray And i start crying with the rain Darkness engulfs my heart I only feel the cold pain I don't want to be damage to you any longer."
    So Alone, by Anna Blue
  • "You're wanting me to show more interest, to always keep a big bright smile, be that pinky little perfect princess, but I'm not that type of child."
    Silent Scream, by Anna Blue
  • "Who will care if I'm not here? If suddenly I dissapeared? No one's gonna notice it at all. Dying flowers in my hand, I'm vanishing from where I stand It isn't yet too late to get the cure"
    So Alone, by Anna Blue
  • "Shadows of the night appear My eyes, they're dripping like rain. Slowly falling from the sky, talk to me just one last time My heart melts like ice, and my souls breaks in two. I feel the coldness on my skin, so sad and so alone."
    Night, by Anna Blue
  • "All you wanna know is why can't you just let it be? What's so wrong about me?"
    How Does It Feel, by Anna Blue

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