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I traveled through time to see ya, hoping to find you on the other side looking for something inside you, so hard to find in the dark of night Dark Star, by Cinema Bizarre

Emo Song Lyrics - Breathe Carolina (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "So dream on, you're sleeping with the lights on. I know I'm the one your thinking of."
    Gossip, by Breathe Carolina
  • "i swear to god i won't stop until yur shakin', and let me slide it into yuu please baybe.<3"
    birds and the bees, by Breathe Carolina
  • "Hide in your eyes. Dancing in the bright lights. Take out the knife. This brush just doesn't feel right. Hide in your eyes. Mirrors tell the worst lies. Cover it up."
    Welcome To Savannah, by Breathe Carolina
  • "Her name was romance<3"
    Have You Ever Danced?, by Breathe Carolina
  • "Here's to you, glorify, my darlings, are you satisfied? Here's to you, criticize, my darlings, are you satisfied? You build me up just to break me down You're being loud without a sound You paste me in just to cut me out"
    Hello Fascination, by Breathe Carolina
  • "I'm unwrapping my skin,It's under control, I'm my own next victim, I want you to know, I traded my eyes in For velvet and gold, Our lips open wide, And don't let me go"
    Have You Ever Danced?, by Breathe Carolina
  • "I won't blackout This time I've got nothing to waste Let's go a little harder I'm on fire I won't blackout I'm on my way I'm only getting started"
    Blackout, by Breathe Carolina

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