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iv'e lost all faith in this bluring light,but stay right here we can change are plight knives and pen, by Black Veil Brides

Emo Song Lyrics - Bright Eyes (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "With a sunrise and a sunset there's a change of heart or address. Is there nothing that remains? "
    Sunrise, Sunset, by Bright Eyes
  • "But me I'm a single cell On a serpents tongue There's a muddy field where a garden was And I'm glad you got away But I'm still stuck out here My clothes are soaking wet From your brother's tears "
    Poison Oak, by Bright Eyes
  • "Oh stay with me Arienette until the wolves are away."
    Arienette, by Bright Eyes
  • ""
    True Blue, by Bright Eyes
  • ""
    Lua, by Bright Eyes
  • "We might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain."
    Lua, by Bright Eyes
  • "Something vague that we're not seeing, something more like a feeling. "
    Something Vague, by Bright Eyes
  • "Your eyes are poor, your blind you see, no beauty could have come from me, im a waste, of breath, of space, of time."
    Waste Of Paint, by Bright Eyes

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