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Emo lyricsI can't forget you.I know that you want me to want you, I want to. But I can't forgive you. So when this is over don't blow your composure.Emo song lyrics
(Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years)

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Cinema Bizarre - Escape to the stars
I\'m sick and tired of this so-called life Without room to breathe I toss and turn in my bed all night Am I the only one who finds no peace?

Cinema Bizarre - Are You Crying?
Are you crying or is it the rain, falling down to wash away your tears? Are you crying or is it your pain I see glistening in your eyes?

Cinema Bizarre - Touching And Kissing
This tunnel just goes on and on and on

Cinema Bizarre - Deeper And Deeper
I'm falling deeper and deeper, getting sweeter and sweeter

Cinema Bizarre - Erase And Replace
Do you know how it hurts when you lose a friend? You waste your time with anger; you waste your time with fear

Cinema Bizarre - I Came 2 Party
Doesn't matter anyway, know that we can't stay, know you had a boyfriend anyway. Got my picture on your phone, when you're all alone, know we've got to go, let me hear you sing it out

Cinema Bizarre - My Obsession
Let us make a thousand mistakes cuz we will never learn

Cinema Bizarre - Je Ne Regrette Rien
There's no regrets. Why's love and hate always a step ahead? What's left? Caught in betrayal, we failed, je ne regrette rien

Cinema Bizarre - Je Ne Regrette Rien
I am Jekyll when I'm Hyde, I'm a demon locked inside, I am restless when I sleep, I'm the beauty and the beast

Cinema Bizarre - Dark Star
I traveled through time to see ya, hoping to find you on the other side looking for something inside you, so hard to find in the dark of night

Cinema Bizarre - Touching And Kissing
I'm touching and kissing with tears in my eyes, no one can help me forget. You're touching and kissing with tears in your eyes, and no, it's just not over yet

Cinema Bizarre - In Your Cage
In your cage you're a slave, you've gotta speak your mind

Cinema Bizarre - Wasted
I wasted all of my love on you, don't try to rewind, I've made up my mind, I'm over you, I have tasted so many tears for you, come look in my eyes, this is no disguise, I'm over you

Cinema Bizarre - Silent Scream
I'm so numb Can't you hear me? Here I am There is something Inside me That still wants to feel(My silent scream)

Cinema Bizarre - Silent Scream
I don't need no fakes around me All I want is you to be with me Here I am All these words have lost their meaning I just hope you hear My silent scream

Cinema Bizarre - Silent Scream
I was walking in the shadows So nobody cared You smiled at me from the distance And we felt there's more to share

Cinema Bizarre - Angel in Disguise
There is no fate We've been betrayed Can you ease my mind? I'm blind with rage Reanimate My trust in fate Search deep down inside And heal the pain

Cinema Bizarre - Deeper And Deeper
I'm falling deeper and deeper Getting sweeter and sweeter Can't obscure desire 'Cause you learn as it grows It's so strong It lingers on Forever Forever

Cinema Bizarre - Escape to the stars
Escape to the stars Feeling so free Just you and me Escape to the stars Chasing a dream All that we need is to believe Escape to the stars

Cinema Bizarre - Forever or Never
I'm for something mystical, hysterical, dark intensive, sexual.I'm not gonna live forever.I'm not gonna live forever. Better make it now or never.. forever or never

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