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You are the water in my lungs City Lights, by Motionless In White

Emo Song Lyrics - Greeley Estates (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Is this the end of all we know Will we be left with nothing to call our own Not it's up to us to defend All that we know is truth, all that we know is right"
    The End of All We Know, by Greeley Estates
  • "Your secret is safe with me Cause my lips are sealed Far from the lies they told to you"
    Secret, by Greeley Estates
  • "what if today was our last the last chance we ever had to say would we take advantage of what we have before it was too late to say "
    what if, by Greeley Estates
  • "My life is flashing before my eyes, And all that I'm missing because of a lie. My life is flashing before my eyes. I won't let this happen, Get off of me. "
    The offer, by Greeley Estates
  • "She not the same girl, she'll never be the same again thanks to them she'll never feel safe again "
    If she only knew, by Greeley Estates

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