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We learn from All Your Hate We are lost in your mistakes Play our hymn for the brand new day. All your Hate, by Black Veil Brides

Emo Song Lyrics - In Flames (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "These thoughts... burn a hole in my heart These thoughts... are what keep me feeling These thoughts... burn a hole in my heart These thoughts... are what keep me feeling "
    Take this life, by In Flames
  • "It's not so much the pain It's more the actual knife Pretending, the picture is perfect I cut myself to sleep I close my eyes for a second And meet a fragile soul I scream to hide that I'm lonely The echo calls my name "
    Take this life, by In Flames
  • "Took some time but now you know Tomorrow is too late Close your eyes, walk with me, I set you free And everything you ask for"
    Liberation, by In Flames
  • "Remind me of the golden Fortress above the sun Why don't you just stand away from me For the ever and the path of the ones who names On the shore Forever I can't find a find"
    Deliver Us, by In Flames
  • "Don't tell me, Tell my ghost, Cause I blame him For all I don't want to know"
    Alias, by In Flames
  • "I want you to lead me Take me somewhere Don’t want to live in a dream one more day "
    Come Clarity, by In Flames
  • "I am running from something, I don’t know I am searching for something, which way to go? I am trying to separate what’s real I’m running in a wheel "
    Trigger, by In Flames
  • "Feel I was running an endless mile Last candle burns and I'm dying inside All of this will turn to ash, a change for a peace of mind Walking where the dead ships dwell "
    where the dead ship dwell, by In Flames
  • "Concrete breath and dust filled tears A one way ride to inner peace I never thought I'd join the others Those who use the dice to solve "
    Dawn of a new day, by In Flames
  • "I can't wait to see the sunrise again (It's moments like this) I am what you'll never be To better what I am You won't hear lies from me "
    a new dawn, by In Flames
  • "The bleeding We deceive them Fuel the life that fades At the height of reason We should live by your laws Call the swarm Feed them another false hope "
    the mirror's truth, by In Flames
  • "Please heal me, I cant sleep.. Thought I was unbreakable, but this is killing me, Call me, everything... Make me feel unbreakable, lie and set me free!"
    delight and angers, by In Flames
  • "Destiny, will you cure me? Trust, will you age with me? Hear me scream, Destiny, will you cure me? Hear me scream as I face tomorrow"
    like you better dead, by In Flames
  • "We are ghosts of the concrete world Genetic codes of a dying breed Will I be left behind?"
    Sounds of a playground fading, by In Flames
  • "A growing pain, it is hard to say what brought the darkest burden. For some of us there is no answer. Chains are breaking, I regret this built up inside of me. There's a storm coming."
    All for me, by In Flames
  • "Keep pretending I can handle everything You’ll never understand me And I don’t care what you think Or maybe I do"
    The Puzzel, by In Flames
  • "the pictures slowly fades,the walls are closing in and there I was cursing the ground unable to understand, I won’t let the world break me so I need to change direction, nothing special I'm far from perfect"
    Where The Dead Ships Dwell, by In Flames
  • "Just scratch the surface and you will find Something to blame for a long lost time. From green to red our days pass by Waiting for a sign to tell us why"
    Trigger, by In Flames

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