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I will kiss every scar and weep youre not alone. Then I'll show you the place in my chest where my heart still tries to beat. Lip Gloss and Black, by Atreyu

Emo Song Lyrics - Nicole Dollanganger (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Shotgunned cans like flowers Drink yourself to death Watch you fall asleep alone Pissing the bed"
    Bunny Boy, by Nicole Dollanganger
  • "you’d cut off your nose just to spite your face just to serve it to me on a silver tray"
    Bunny Boy, by Nicole Dollanganger
  • "shoot yourself in the head just to spray the guts on your baby portraits"
    Bunny Boy, by Nicole Dollanganger
  • "lock me up inside you where everything dies haunting me like a ghost that’s never known a body you can’t have mine"
    Bunny Boy, by Nicole Dollanganger
  • "the first hit felt like hell but now they feel like heaven know these fists so well you bear the indents of them"
    Adam (Reformatory), by Nicole Dollanganger
  • "i look into your eyes but i can't find a reflection"
    Adam (Reformatory), by Nicole Dollanganger

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