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Lie to me, Convince me that I've been sick forever. And all of this, Will make sense when I get better. But I know the difference, Between myself and my reflection. I just can't help but to wonder, Which of us do you love. So I bleed breathe no more, by Evanescence

Emo Song Lyrics - Paramore (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Ill stop the whole world Ill stop the whole world from turning into a monster eating us alive"
    Monster, by Paramore
  • "there is something i see in you, it might kill me, i want it to be true"
    decode, by Paramore
  • "That's what you get when you let your heart win.. I drowned out all my sense away. The sound of misbeating.."
    That's What You Get, by Paramore
  • "Just dont let me fall asleep Feeling empty again"
    Pressure, by Paramore
  • " Facebook! PLAY Paramore Careful video I settle down A twisted up frown Disguised as a smile (whoa) You would have never known I had it all but not what I wanted 'Cause hopefully was a place uncharted And overgrown"
    Careful, by Paramore
  • "Fall In Love With Your Self because Someday you're going to be the only one you've got"
    Anklebiters, by Paramore
  • "Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much, and never will I have to answer again to anyone."
    Never Let This Go, by Paramore
  • "I'll stop the whole world... from turning into a monster Eating us alive Don't you ever wonder how we survived Now that you're gone The world is ours "
    monster, by Paramore
  • "Where's your gavel? Your jury? What's my offense this time? You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me Well, sentence me to another life "
    Ignorance, by Paramore
  • "I should be over all the butterflies, am into you, am into you and even on our worse night I'm into you im into you"
    Still into you, by Paramore
  • "well you built up a world of magic , cuz your real life is tragic, yeah you built up a world of magic!"
    brick by boring brick, by Paramore
  • "if gods the game that your playing, well we must get more acquainted cuz it must be so lonely being the only one thats holy..."
    playing god, by Paramore
  • "For all the things that you're alive to feel Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal"
    Hate To See Your Heart Break, by Paramore
  • "There's a time and a place to die, but this ain't it"
    Now, by Paramore
  • "in all my spite , in all mt spite ill turn it off ill turn it off and the worst part is before it gets any better we're headed for a cliff, and in the free fall i will realize im better off when i hit the bottom"
    turn it off, by Paramore
  • "Don't you ever wonder how we survived? Well, now that you're gone, the world is ours."
    Monster, by Paramore
  • "I've seen love die way too many times, when it deserved to be alive; and I've seen you cry way too many times, when you deserved to be alive!"
    Emergency, by Paramore
  • "I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top When I thought he was mine, she caught him by the mouth I waited eight long months She finally set him free I told him I couldn't lie, he was the only one for me "
    Misery buisness, by Paramore
  • "Rock and roll baby, don't you know that we're all alone now, give me something to sing about."
    crushcrushcrush, by Paramore
  • "Well, you built up a world of magic Because your real life is tragic"
    Brick By Boring Brick, by Paramore
  • "You built up a world of magic Because your real life is tragic"
    Brick By Boring Brick, by Paramore
  • "I wonder, how am I supposed to feel when you're not here. Cause I burned every bridge I ever built when you were here. I still try holding onto silly things, I never learn. Oh why, all the possibilities I'm sure you've heard."
    That's What You Get, by Paramore
  • "Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone Just the one, two, I was just counting on That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again Let's be more than this"
    crushcrushcrush, by Paramore

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