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I remember her smell and her touch... The way she used to talk to me... It all hurts so much now... Teeth (Interlude), by xxxtentacion

Emo Song Lyrics - Rites Of Spring (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I'm wanting a heart And hearts that won't just beat on their own Because every beat without purpose or thought You know.. Makes me feel more alone"
    Patience, by Rites of Spring
  • "Time heals all wounds they say But the self inflicted won't just fade away And in these shifting tides of blame why are you suprised to see your name?"
    By Design, by Rites of Spring
  • "And hope's just another rope to hang myself with To tie me down till something real comes around And if I started crying would you start crying? And if I started crying why are you not crying?"
    Theme (If I Started Crying), by Rites of Spring
  • "But it feels like I'm falling through a hole in my heart"
    Hain's Point, by Rites of Spring
  • "But I woke up this morning with a piece of past caught in my throat... And then I choked."
    For Want Of, by Rites of Spring
  • "I bled Tried to hide the heart from the head And I said I bled In the arms of a girl I'd barely met"
    For want of, by Rites Of Spring
  • "I was the champion of forgive forget But I haven't found a way To forgive you yet"
    Persistent Vision, by Rites Of Spring

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