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Emo lyricsThrow it away, forget yesterday we'll make the great escape we wont hear a word they say the don't know us anyway, watch it burn , let it die 'cause were finally free tonight'Emo song lyrics
(Boys Like Girls - the great escape)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Senses Fail (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Senses Fail...

Senses Fail - Bite To Break
Eyes shot from constant visions angels are rendered useless good has lost its heart....

Senses Fail - Bonecrusher
The streets outside, they burn with life. But I am dead on the inside, I think these pills are to blame.

Senses Fail - The Ground Folds (Acoustic)
My heart now it always breaks, the blood did drip and I did take, another wish, another kiss, no more will for me to kill. We'd run away in our dismay, but please, come back to me.

Senses Fail - Still Searching
my best friend is a man, with a labcoat entering, i hold my shaking hand, and he gives me medicine, i hope this makes me feel at home, but they slowly steal my soul, i tell him i still feel alone, "dont worry someday i promise you will feel"

Senses Fail - Family Tradition
I Tried To Be The One That Everybody Loved Where Has That Gotten Me? I Tear Myself To Shreds To Prove That I'm Someone That I Could Never Be.Now These Unsightly Marks Define Me.

Senses Fail - Choke On This
I Was The Chapstick In Your Purse To Keep You Smooth, I Was The Finger In Your Throat, To Keep You Cute, My Liver Hates You, For Walking Out On Us

Senses Fail - One Eight Seven
A gaping hole, shot through my heart A lost connection from your poison dart Shot from your tounge to end my life, You're blowing at the fire to light your strife

Senses Fail - Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire
I think the truth is Im scared, I think that I'm just scared to live, I think that the truth is I`m scared I think that the truth is I'm everything that i hate

Senses Fail - Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire
I wont forget the day that, that I found god in a kitchen knife now & on my arm so paint the pale white floor w/, w/ my red life & tell myself this pain is the pain I love as i swallow the pills of happiness & u watch me fall like..

Senses Fail - Blackout
I hope that you can find some peace in life, Can you survive without me Cause I thought Id be fine Now Im slurring every single line, I feel like Im paralyzed When I look at the extra space Left in my bed I think about all the things we did

Senses Fail - Blackout
I make mountains out of my worries, And I plant pain instead of sturdy trees, I have got to wash these old sheets So I can fall asleep

Senses Fail - Calling all Cars
Will u scatter my ashes where they wont be found I kept my word when I swore tht I would let you down & now that Im gone Try to forget me & just move on I kept my word and you hate me for it now Try to forget me & just move on

Senses Fail - Can't Be Saved
So, go fill up a glass with tonic rocks and gin And drink yourself to happiness, I'm stuck in a coma Stuck in a never ending sleep And some day I will wake up And realize I made up everything

Senses Fail - Choke on This
So this love's been worn down, like songs on a tape The sex has lost all of its fun, like gum loses taste And you're, you're addicted to the drug of lust, A de-toxing the cold sweat of shame and I love your pain

Senses Fail - Handguns and Second Chances
And I'm too scared to live tonight Too bare to shed my plight (Please tell me I'm not wanted) Watch the bones rip through my flesh A catharsis of my own distress (Please tell me I'm not wanted)

Senses Fail - The Irony of Dying on Your Birthday
I'll lock myself alone in a room, Drink until the clock strikes noon With just a pen, a pill, and some paper And maybe I will write a sad song Or another cliche poem Of the person that I long to be

Senses Fail - The Irony of Dying on your Birthday
I'll lock myself alone in a room. Drink until the clock strikes noon, with just a pen, a pill and some paper

Senses Fail - Bloody Romance
So slice, open my veins. And let, the romance bleed away..

Senses Fail - irony of dieing on your birthday
i'll lock myself alone in a room with just a pen a pill and some paper and maybe write another cliche poem of the person that i long to be

Senses Fail - Martini Kisses
Burn out, not fade away

Senses Fail - Bloody Romance
SO SLICE open my veins. AND LET the romance bleed away

Senses Fail - Family Tradition
I tear myself to shreds to prove that I'm someone That I could never be Now these unsightly marks define me

Senses Fail - Still Searching
I stare at accidents in a sick attempt To feel at all

Senses Fail - Still Searching
My best friend is a man with a lab coat and a grin I hold my shaking hand and he gives me medicine It makes me feel at home But they slowly steal my soul I tell him I still feel alone Don't worry someday I promise you will feel whole

Senses Fail - “Calling All Cars”
“So, will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?/I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down.”

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