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Emo lyricsand today this homework about me a blank sheet accomplished content with this life i will now live til i think why are we just sometimes no always saying how we're sad and saying how we're lonelyEmo song lyrics
(rin kagamine - Lost One's Weeping)

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Emo Song Lyrics - Set It Off (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Set It Off...

Set It Off - Breathe In, Breathe Out
Take a look at me, from one side i seem to be, so cool so calm collected and on the other side i'm melting down

Set It Off - dads song
tears cant run dry when i start to cry, when i hear people speak of how you'd be so proud of me.

Set It Off - Ancient history
I know, i know how to drive you wild and you know, you know how to make me smile but I need you to be my ancient history And i know, i know who you really are and you know, you know how to break my heart but i need you to be mu ancient history

Set It Off - Partners in Crime
You'll never take us alive. We swore that death will do us part; they'll call our crimes a work of art.

Set It Off - Bleak December
"In that bleak december, you're just too cold, but I need the answer before you'd fold..."

Set It Off - wolf in sheeps clothing
who am i kidding? you've always been a huge piece of shit. if i could kill you i would. but its frowned upon in all 50 states, having said that, burn in hell!

Set It Off - Dad’s Song
Do you believe in happy endings? Or the mending of human hearts?

Set It Off - The haunting
Love's so alive, but it died in it's sleep And now that it's dead, I live in your head and I will haunt your fucking dreams

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