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Give it all away, just to have somewhere to go to, give it all away, to have someone to come home to. My December, by Linkin Park

Emo Song Lyrics - Set It Off (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Take a look at me, from one side i seem to be, so cool so calm collected and on the other side i'm melting down"
    Breathe In, Breathe Out, by Set It Off
  • "tears cant run dry when i start to cry, when i hear people speak of how you'd be so proud of me."
    dads song, by Set It Off
  • "I know, i know how to drive you wild and you know, you know how to make me smile but I need you to be my ancient history And i know, i know who you really are and you know, you know how to break my heart but i need you to be mu ancient history"
    Ancient history, by Set It Off
  • "You'll never take us alive. We swore that death will do us part; they'll call our crimes a work of art."
    Partners in Crime, by Set It Off
  • "In that bleak december, you're just too cold, but I need the answer before you'd fold..."
    Bleak December, by Set It Off
  • "who am i kidding? you've always been a huge piece of shit. if i could kill you i would. but its frowned upon in all 50 states, having said that, burn in hell!"
    wolf in sheeps clothing, by Set It Off
  • "Do you believe in happy endings? Or the mending of human hearts?"
    Dad’s Song, by Set It Off
  • "Love's so alive, but it died in it's sleep And now that it's dead, I live in your head and I will haunt your fucking dreams"
    The haunting, by Set It Off
  • "You don't even bother anymore, you cut to the bone pick up the phone to hear my swan song I'll admit I'm impressed by your vanishing act place your bets on your best guess of when you're coming back..."
    Swan Song, by Set It Off
  • "I am a circus freak so many scars, so many scars I'm just the common creep something to watch, something to watch oh, you know you can't break me."
    Freak Show, by Set It Off
  • " If only I knew how to fly Then I could convince myself This isn't my time to die Instead I'm rocketing faster and faster I divebomb to the floor And when my body crashes to the pavement I'm right back where I was before"
    nightmare, by set it off
  • "You don't even bother anymore You cut to the bone Pick up the phone To hear my swan song You don't even bother anymore You left me alone I'm on my own Tell me where we went wrong"
    Swan Song, by Set It Off

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