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We scream, we shout we are the fallen angels we scream we shout woah woaaah, to those who sing alone, no need to feel this sorrow, we scream we shout woah we are the Fallen Angels! Fallen Angels, by Black Veil Brides

Emo Song Lyrics - The 69 Eyes (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Never say die Leave me alone in the night Keep me away from the light Razorblade cuts the line Never say never say die"
    Never Say Die, by The 69 Eyes
  • "As I seal your lips With a good-night's kiss, my love I feel that I'd miss That longing deep inside my heart But I have to go"
    Star Of Fate, by The 69 Eyes
  • "Through these eyes I've seen so much of pain And through these eyes I've seen blood staining the rain"
    In My Name, by The 69 Eyes
  • "She loves her sunglasses after dark And every single day her little life falls apart"
    Gothic Girl, by The 69 Eyes
  • "Kick the chair right down under me Leave me hanging alone in misery"
    The Chair, by The 69 Eyes
  • "What would there be As the river of sadness turns into sea Could there be Another thousand stories like you and me"
    Brandon Lee, by The 69 Eyes
  • "I don't need no heaven or hell but it's alright As long as you're in my heart"
    Heaven / Hell, by The 69 Eyes
  • "I wanna feel you now like a thousand knives digging out Of my heart burning in the night"
    Angel On My Shoulder, by The 69 Eyes
  • "The autumn came took you away I never expected you to stay Black tears fallin' In the cold rain"
    Velvet Touch, by The 69 Eyes
  • "Im gonna get you till the dawning days done. Im gonna get you from dusk till dawn."
    From Dusk Till Dawn, by The 69 Eyes

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