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It's hard to notice gleaming from the sky / when you're staring at the cracks / It's hard to notice what is passing by / with eyes lowered The Leaving Song, by AFI

Emo Song Lyrics - The Birthday Massacre (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "It's been so long, Feels like pins and needles in my heart So long, I can feel it tearing me apart "
    Pins And Needles, by The Birthday Massacre
  • "Hands red And cold as the dead, A pity they're not pretty like they used to be"
    Pins And Needles, by The Birthday Massacre
  • "It's always a nightmare, It's never a dream A promise we made to kill the days between They live in the heartbeat and sleep till the light is gone It's been so long"
    Pins And Needles, by The Birthday Massacre
  • "They shut the door We fell far behind We try forgiveness But they cross the line And now the moment has passed and we can't rewind We are dead long before we run out of time "
    Horror Show, by The Birthday Massacre

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