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I feel her smooth skin slightly brush against the backside of my arm. I need the song started over, your crying made me miss my favorite part. Plays Pretty For Baby, by Saosin

Emo Song Lyrics - The Blackout (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I know that I'm too blame. Burst into flames (you're beautiful) You're worth fighting for, I'm worth fighting for (don't say goodbye) You're worth fighting for"
    It's High Tide Baby, by The Blackout
  • "I take my knife, from your bleeding heart, turn it on myself, and I slit my throat"
    Fashion Conscious Suicide, by The Blackout
  • "Your pretty eyes still give me heart attacks"
    The Beijing Cocktail, by The Blackout
  • "This Isn't Love, This Is War!"
    Children Of The Night, by The Blackout

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