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Emo lyricsAre we in space, do we belong? Someplace where no one calls it wrong. And like the stars we burn away, the miles...Emo song lyrics
(tATu - Stars)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Tokio Hotel (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Tokio Hotel...

Tokio Hotel - Don't Jump
On top of the roof the air is so cold and so calm, I say your name in silence don't wanna hear it right now, the eyes of the city are counting the tears falling down, each one a promise of everything that you never found

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon
I'm staring at a broken door There's nothing left here anymore My room is cold It's making me insane I've been waiting here so long Another the moment seems to've come, I see the dark clouds coming up again. Running through the monsoon Be

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon
Runnin' through the monsoon, beyond the world to the end of time where the rain won't hurt. Fighting the storm, into the blue. And when i loose myself i think of you. Together we'll be running somewhere new... through the monsoon.

Tokio Hotel - ready, set, go
we were runnin through the town, our senses had been drown, no place we hadn't been before

Tokio Hotel - final day
and if our final day day has come, let's pretend to carry on and if the end has now begun, live on...

Tokio Hotel - Don't Jump
I Scream Into The Night For You, Don't Make It True, Don't Jump, The Lights Will Not Guide You Through, They're Deceiving You, Don't Jump, Don't Let Memories Go Of Me And You, The World Is Down There Out Of View, Please Don't Jump...

Tokio Hotel - Rescue Me
Come and rescue me, I'm burning can't you see? Come and rescue me, only you can set me free...

Tokio Hotel - final day
And now we're here again Up on your roof so high The whole world can just go to hell For all I care tonight I can feel the end is near It all has come as we had feared

Tokio Hotel - In Your Shadow (I Can Shine)
I hate my life. I can't si still for one more single day. I've been here waiting for something to live and die for. Let's run and hide.

Tokio Hotel - Attention
Soon as you got me, you go and drop me.It's cruel when you burn me,I love how you hurt me. Oh no, I'll never let you go. Oh no, I hate that I need you so.

Tokio Hotel - Phantomrider
I don't know your name but still belive.. now it's time for you and me.. time for you and me

Tokio Hotel - Rescue Me
This used to be our secret Now I'm hiding here alone Can't help but read our names on the wall And wash them off the stone I trusted you in every way But not enough to make you stay Turn around I've lost my ground

Tokio Hotel - Automatic
Each step you make each breath you take your heart, your soul, remote controlled This life is so sick You’re automatic to me

Tokio Hotel - That Day
That day never came, that day never comes.I'm not lettin' go, I keep hangin' on.Everybody says that time heals the pain.I've been waitin' forever, that day never came

Tokio Hotel - Attention
That im starving for your love and i need attention or im gonna die.

Tokio Hotel - In Your Shadow I Can Shine
You see my soul. I'm a nightmare out of control. I'm crashing into the dark into the blue, into the world of our cocoon. You're the sun and im the moon. In Your Shadow I Can Shine...

Tokio Hotel - Love is Dead
I hold your letter in my frozen hands, the last line was long, as long as it hurts my love carries on. With every word another feeling dies I'm left here in the dark, no memories of you, I close my eyes, It's killing me...

Tokio Hotel - Don't Jump
I scream into the night for you Don't make it true Don't jump The lights will not guide you through They're deceiving you Don't jump Don't let memories go Of me and you

Tokio Hotel - monsoon
togethe we'll be running somewhere new....

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