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Save yourself, I'm surrending. The night may be over, but the world carries on in your perfect little fantasy. Let it go, I'm surrending. The dream may be over, but the fight carries on in your twisted own reality. WORLD CARRIES ON, by Endigo

Emo Song Lyrics - deccay my corpse (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "you cut me, you curse me, you f*ck me, u hex me. i fell for u and u used me. just forget it u knew i wasn't worth it. slam me, glad u threw me aside, for now no more pain but that 1 hex on me .... hex me i love it just hex me just hex me"
    hex me, by deccay my corpse
  • "YOU after poisoned me, dying i raise an arm blow you a kiss and say my last words, ones you'll never forget ..and those words were... i loved you"
    dead till mourn, by deccay my corpse
  • "fallen, forgoten, used, abused....animals kill people, people kill animals, animals die aren't we the animals in this?... (fallllleennn)kill me now (fallen)push me down (falllleenn)kill me now...............(breathe)kill me now"
    fallen, by deccay my corpse
  • "power kill theé, love i felt for you pitied forever more,an option taken, i'll never see you again, cut me with your blade,hurt me with your spells the one hex you put on me will make you lose the closest thing to you, you ever had"
    hex me, by deccay my corpse
  • "Cursed for life pass the knife i can't live being hexed all my life let me die let me die i can't take it no more let me die let me die i'm sorry you cursed me i'm sorry i'm sorry you'll soon be sorry!"
    hex me, by deccay my corpse

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