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This is for the kids with the beaten in lips Whose parents try to shut them up using their fists Keep living loud and proud They never can hold you down Beaten In Lips, by Beartooth

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  • "My tears are fire, They burn into my cheeks, They leave me trails, My scars, That show me I am weak."
    Tears of Sorrow, by Posthuman
  • "I can't help but feel this way, I want all the pain to just go away, These scars, they are here to stay, Give me a reason to live through today."
    Suicidal Tendencies, by Posthuman
  • "It was you that I couldn't feel, The pain to me is so unreal, With the Devil I made a deal, Now it's my coffin that you seal!"
    Nail In My Coffin, by Posthuman
  • "The sadness that lies beneath, Is the thing that causes my grief, The depression consumes underneath, Makes me feel that there's no relief."
    The Sadness Within, by Posthuman
  • "Take this back, This is a new day. Show me everything, That we had. This is something, We never wanted. This is something, We never needed."
    Something Never Wanted, Something Never Needed, by Posthuman
  • "Running out of time, we don’t got much left. We can fall in love with our final breath"
    Laying on My Porch While We Watch The World End, by Powfu
  • "You’re the reason why I smile while I’m falling to my doom"
    Laying on My Porch While We Watch The World End, by Powfu
  • "I don’t wanna fall asleep, I don’t wanna pass away. I’ve been thinking of our future cos I’ll never see those days. I don’t know why this has happened but I probably deserve it. I tried to do my best but you know that I’m not perfect"
    Death Bed, by Powfu
  • "Soon you’ll be alone, sorry that you have to lose me"
    Death Bed, by Powfu
  • "I wish it could be me but I won’t make it out this bed. I hope I go to heaven so I see you once again. My life was kinda short but I got so many blessings. Happy you were mine, it sucks that it’s all ending"
    Death Bed, by Powfu
  • "Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good, and stuff."
    Beer, by Psychostick
  • "Im feelings feelings that i shouldnt feel yet i feel them, My wounds arent that deep but no doctor can heal Im a million miles a way yet ive fallen in love Your way down below but im stuck up above."
    Porcelain, by Puppets of war
  • "Stuck in my sheets, an accustomed coffin, I swear that I'll be fine, I'll be fine in the daylight. "
    Ghosts, by PVRIS
  • "It's hard to be what you need through a static screen. Been trying to speak for weeks and weeks. Open my mouth, All that comes out is white noise and incomprehensible sounds, And all you ever do is turn me down. "
    White Noise, by PVRIS
  • "I'm watching. I'm waiting. I'm aching. Suffocating. I'm breathing. I'm speaking. Can you hear me? I'm screaming for you. "
    White Noise, by PVRIS

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