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I will walk through hell in these words I've fell. Striving into your arms. With this crown of thorns. With my crown of thorns. Crown Of Thorns, by Black Veil Brides

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  • "Fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore. She loves salting my wounds. Yes, she enjoys nothing more."
    Polygraph Right Now, by The Spill Canvas
  • "Put yourself in my place for just one day Watch all the colors in your spectrum fade grey More aware than ever that I might never be calm again And it shakes every f****g bone Trying to do the right thing on my own "
    Swords and Pens, by The Story So Far
  • "Imagine if we never lied.. Imagine if we never tried to be something we're not. We forgot how it feels to be tight, to be close, to be real.."
    I Miss You, by The Summer Obsession
  • "We're catching lightning in a bottle. Don't give a fuck about tomorrow."
    Lightning in a Bottle, by The Summer Set
  • "So kiss me like you did My heart stopped beating Such a softer sin"
    I Caught fire (In Your Eyes), by The U
  • " give me my damn heart back you said i wouldn't need it but it's mine We've been together from the start! You can't mend my stolen broken heart, as you speak it falls apart! fuck you!"
    Stolen Broken Heart, by The Un-happy Campers
  • "Do you want a song of glory, well I'm f*cking screaming at you"
    A Box Full Of Sharp Objects, by The Used
  • "In this sea of lonely, the taste of ink is getting old, It's four o' clock in the f*cking morning, each day gets more and more like the last day"
    The Taste Of Ink, by The Used
  • "If you feel like dying you might wanna sing!"
    Let It Bleed, by The Used
  • "I lost my head, you couldn't come, this lust to my brain almost feels like a gun"
    Cut Up Angels, by The Used
  • "Without it all, I'm choking on nothing, It's clear in my head and I'm screaming for something"
    On My Own, by The Used
  • "All alone he turns to stone while holding his breath half to death"
    The Bird And The Worm, by The Used
  • "Im cutting trying to picture your black broken heart...love is not like anything especially a f*cking knife!"
    Im A Fake, by The Used
  • "so deep that it didnt even bleed and catch me off guard red handed"
    All that I've Got, by The Used
  • "This is not a small cut that flakes and heels, And I am not a fraid to die, I'm not afraind to bleed and fuck and fight"
    I'm a Fake, by The Used
  • "Just look at me now, just look at me now, just look at me now, IM A FAKE, IM A FAKE, IM A FAKE!"
    I'm a Fake, by The Used
  • "And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire"
    I Caught Fire, by The Used
  • "He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack. His backpack is all that he knows. Shot down by strangers, whose glances can cripple the heart and devour the soul"
    The Bird And The Worm, by The Used
  • "As in the way that the sun spits in your face Our love is too big for us to break You've got me wishing for the stars and outer space I'm holding onto this life and love and for The possibility You and me Let me be"
    Dark Days, by The Used
  • "He wears a hearts saftey pin to his back-pack, his back-pack is all that he knows"
    Bird & the Worm, by The Used
  • "If your heart's still beating it must be the blood, If your lungs are still working it must be the mud,If it's still light out then a kick in the ribs.. today's worth living?"
    Listening, by The Used
  • "If we cut out the bad, Well then we'd have nothing left, Like I cut up your angels, Yeah, you stabbed me to death."
    Cut Up Angels, by The Used
  • "She had an earthquake on her mind, Apparently the kind that would bury us alive, By putting all this weight on us forever."
    Earthquake, by The Used
  • "This feeling never leaves you alone, You pull the trigger on your own. You're hiding in your safe place, Hiding with your eyes shut tightly All the way to the hospital."
    Hospital, by The Used
  • "In this sea of lonely, The taste of ink is getting old. It's four o'clock in the fucking morning Each day get more and more like the last day."
    The Taste of Ink, by The Used
  • "So baby, I took a little too much, maybe you sucked the life right out of me. I should have let you know I never meant to go. Sure I lost my mind, but I never really meant to die."
    meant to die, by The Used
  • "I love you to death Could you love me to death"
    find a way, by The Used
  • "He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack, his backpack is all that he knows, shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple, the heart and devour the soul."
    The bird and the worm, by The Used
  • "now i can't breathe turn my insides out and smother me"
    Smother Me, by The Used
  • "I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not, I'm far from lonely & it's all that I've got."
    All That I've Got, by The Used

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