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Tonight is the night we sink wishes deep into our skin. Don't Hold Back, by The Sleeping

Emo Song Lyrics - BatAAr (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "The distance between us is too much to bear, and I can't stand just being alone. The distance between us takes over and leaves me breathless as I feel lost again."
    The Distance, by BatAAr
  • "What little we had left won't keep me from walking away. I've heard it all before, this hollow truth, what is the meaning of a life without answers?"
  • "Through all this time I waited, all this time I lost, I know I'll die young. Our sunsets another day."
  • "Walk through dark to see the light, I was born to win this fight! Challenging the iron fist, I won't go down! I'm not defined by my bloodline, I'll seize all pride, ignite the fire inside."
    VREDE, by BatAAr
  • "no guts no glory this is not your story / no guts no glory so stay right there far away from me"
    die young, by BatAAr

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